The Calnus is a small transport ship found in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. Named after the larger ship of the same name, this Calnus isn't as impressive, and is only meant to transport people to a planet's surface. However, it can put up a bit of a fight.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

When the Battleship Aquaelie arrived at Planet Styx, the large amounts of Executioners present meant that it would be impossible for the Aquaelie to get any closer, so Commodore Wittcomb tells Fayt to take a shuttle down while he distracts the Executioners.

While Fayt initially objects, Wittcomb tells him his mind is made up. The party agree to respect his wishes, and take the Calnus down to Styx.

Dictionary Entry

A small ship based on the Aquaelie, used to transport small numbers of passengers down to planets. Although the Calnus possesses neither especially strong weaponry nor powerful shields, it does have the offensive capability to take on an enemy as powerful as a combat ship.

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