"Don't worry. We'll try to keep it as painless as possible."
—Camael before battle

Camael, also known as Nicolus, is an antagonist and one of the Ten Wise Men in Star Ocean: The Second Story and its remake, Star Ocean: Second Evolution.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Camael first appears atop Eluria Tower with the other Wise Men, moments before the clash of Expel with Energy Nede.

He is then only seen again in Phynal, along with Raphael and Zadkiel, where they all fight Claude, Rena and their friends, ending up defeated in the end.


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Camael is fought in the second invasion of Phynal, alongside Raphael and Zadkiel.

He is very weak in power with only 40,000 HP and 300 MP. He cannot teleport like the other 2 in battle, but he can deal severe damage with his pinkish beams. Like Zadkiel's tornado attack his attacks deal multiple hits and his attacks causes status conditions such as poison, paraysis, stone and silence. He has high Magic power and knows powerful spells such as Noah and Thunderstorm which can deal at half of your HP without resistance. He knows status decreasing spells like Delay, Deep Mist and Acid Rain. He seldom uses the latter and will usually only use Noah and Delay if he uses spells at all.


  • Although he, like the other wise men, is bent on destroying the universe, he appears to be the most merciful of the 10, offering to kill the heros as painlessly as possible.
  • Despite his low health, he possesses a very high defense and attack, but moves around the field relatively slow, making him a sort of "mighty glacier" among enemies. Only with speculation however, given his high status, if he was able to teleport and had higher HP this battle would possibly be as difficult, if not more so, than Haniel's and Michael's.