Cancel Bonus refers to a bonus damage multiplier received after landing consecutive attacks that result in cancelling an enemies attack. This chain of Cancel attacks is known as a Cancel Combo. The Cancel Combo Bonus is shown above the achieving character like so Cancel Combo 175%. Note, this gives a 75% increase in attack damage for this character, not 175%. Cancel Combos are made by quickly chaining together Active Skills using both quick and strong skills.

  • Damage Increases with the following order: 175%, 200%, 250%, 300%; Skills used after reaching 300% will not further increase the multiplier.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

Cancel bonuses return in Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness. Similarly to their implementation in previous games, consecutive skill uses allow you to build cancel bonus multipliers. These bonuses, however, now progress in the following order: 125%, 150%, 175%, 200%. The cancel bonus will not go above 200% and resets if the character changes attack targets. Additionally, the player need not alternate between strong and weak skill attacks to form a cancel combo.

New in this installment, regular attacks can now be chained to receive cancel bonuses. Regular weak and strong attacks now receive cancel bonuses when used consecutively, just as skills are used, and can be interchanged with skills in a Cancel Combo. For example, regular attack to 150% cancel bonus and then use a skill attack for a 175% bonus and finally another regular attack for a 200% cancel bonus.

Reserve Rush attacks also benefit from Cancel Combo bonuses, but can not be used often, so in an ideal situation, the player should perform a 3-attack cancel combo up to 175% and on the fourth attack with a 200% bonus, perform the Reserve Rush for maximum possible damage.

Cancel Combo

This section should include a guide or walkthrough for creating Cancel Combos as well as creating the best Cancel Combos possible.

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