The Leader of the Cardianon Mothership

The Cardianon are a reptilian humanoid species that originate from Arcturus VIII or Cardianon, the eighth planet of the Arcturus system. Until sometime around the 19th century, the Cardianon were a very primitive species, with Bacchus noted that the race was not even capable of speech. The Cardianon experienced rapid evolution and industrialization into an overdeveloped society due to the influence of the Grigori which fell upon their world. Consequently, the Cardianon revere the Grigori as their gods, referring to them as Epiphanies of Guidance, and consider themselves a chosen or superior species.

Upon reaching adulthood, Cardianon suffers severe physical and psychological alterations due to the genetic meddling of the Grigori. Most Cardianon suffers genetic regression, transforming into primitive Lizardmen similar to the form of their ancestors. The Cardianon are able to live alongside and control their regressed kin to an extent, although instances of Lizardmen fighting among themselves and even against the Cardianon are not unknown. Some Cardianon instead transforms into winged Dragon Newts and through subsequent evolution into gigantic Dragon-like beings. To the Cardianon the draconic form is an "ideal" to aspire to, offering great destructive power.

The Cardianon have access to amazingly advanced technology, such as faster-than-light engines, matter tele-transportation. Some of the Cardianon's metamorphosed forms somehow obtain access to Symbology.

Their technological and scientific development was incredibly fast: A prehistoric-level species only a few centuries ago, the influence of the Grigori has rapidly transformed the Cardianon into an intelligent race with advanced scientific skill. However, they failed at completely mechanizing their home planet, which ended in its destruction. The homeless Cardianon built a giant mothership, Arcturus VIII, and began invading nearby hospitable planets in search of a new land to settle on, most notably Lemuris in the storyline of the game Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Generally speaking, the Cardianon are an extremely cruel and merciless people, having attacked multiple underdeveloped planets and killing thousands of people.


Like cited above, Cardianons often suffer from genetic regression upon reaching adulthood. This is due to the influence of the Grigori. Cardianons may transform into one of the following beings, which are listed in order of rank:

  • Lizard Soldier - A primitive humanoid reptile.
  • Wise Lizardman - A primitive humanoid reptile. Can use Symbology.
  • Lizard Commander - A primitive humanoid reptile, stronger than generic Lizard Soldiers.
  • Lizard Shaman - A humanoid reptile with superior knowledge than other Lizardmen.
  • Lizard Warrior - A humanoid reptile that can live in harmony with Cardianons.
  • Dragon Newt - A dragon-like humanoid that can use Symbology.
  • Armed Dragon Newt - A dragon-like humanoid that retains his pre-transformation intellect, and gains the ability of Symbology.
  • Dragon General - An enormous dragon with superior intellect, but no emotion whatsoever, which all Cardianon aspire to transform into.


  • They are one of the few species introduced in the Star Ocean series to not resemble humans.
  • With seemingly the last of their race absorbed into Nox Obscurus, the Cardianon may now be an extinct race.
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