Cardianon Mothership

Cardianon Mothership

The Cardianon Mothership is a giant space fortress inhabited with the hostile Cardianon. A city can be found in its center, but its population is minimal, since most Cardianon are in coldsleep.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope

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In the story, when Edge and the others arrive at the Cardianon Mothership, the SRF-003 Calnus is caught into a tractor beam from which they have no escape and pulled into the ship. After they land they plan to disable the generators so they can escape. While travelling around they discover the Cardianon are hostile and decide that they must fight their way through. Soon after they get to a computer that shows a picture of one of the Epiphanies of Guidance and look into it. They don't find any information but know it is in the central isolation chamber. So, they set out for the isolation chamber and eventually come across a room that begins to trap them in. They barely manage to escape but are teleported into jail soon after. The Cardianon leader tells them that a Steel Giant is rampaging the fortress and orders the group to tell the giant to stop. However, the giant, actually a cyborg named Bacchus D-79, gets them out of the cell and, together, they head to the isolation chamber. Upon reaching the chamber, Bacchus D-79 uses a warhead to destroy the "Epiphany of Guidance".Before they can leave, however, they are confronted by the Cardianon Leader, who riding an Armored Dragoon. After seeing what had happened to their last epiphany of guidance and lashing out at the group, he and his armed dragoon are absorbed by the Grigori's remains and transformed into the Grigori Sahariel, which then attacks the party. After being defeated, the Cardianon Leader returns to normal, but is barely alive. Before dying, he throws a bomb at the group, hoping to take them down with him. However, Bacchus shields the group from the explosion using his body. A shutdown begins and the party rush out while dragging Bacchus D-79. They meet a strange woman who thinks that Edge is Crowe. After this, the party gets to the ship and manage to escape Cardianon Mothership just before it warps to a different location.

Later on, when Edge and the other are looking at the image of Nox Obscurus, Edge noticed something about it that looked familiar, but thought it was his imagination. However, Bacchus reveals that what Edge saw was the remains of the Cardiaonon Mothership, revealing that Nox Obscurus was the ship's warp out point. Learning this, Edge is devastated that Cardianon chose their own extinction and to become one with Nox Obscurus. During the invastion of Nox Obscurus, the Calnus is able to breach the planet by going through the remains of the Cardianon Mothership.


Dictionary Entry

A giant, 30-kilometer caucer-shaped mothership built by the Cardianon. A city exists in the center of the saucer, but only a tiny population lives there; half of the Cardianon population are in a state of coldsleep. Invasions from outside is nearly impossible, thanks in part to the drone fighters that launch from the mothership and intercept incoming attacks. The ship is also known to occasionally seize spacecraft with its tractor beam for reasons unknown.


  • The Cardianon once had their own planet, but was forced to relocate their entire race to their mothership, due to overdeveloping the planet too fast thus destroying it or rendering it uninhabitable.
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