The Cave of the Seven Stars is the first hidden extra dungeon in Star Ocean: The Last Hope. It is located on the Colosseum at Tatroi, in Roak, but sealed with a barrier, which can only be dispelled by using the Darkness Ring, which is obtained from the Undying Dragon.


Each level of the cave forces the player to find stone fragments in order to continue to the next floor. By acquiring the missing pieces for the elevator, it can lead the player further into the depths of the dungeon. However, on most floors one stone fragment is guarded by a hidden boss. After beating the boss on the seventh floor, the party acquires the Star Dipper. To proceed into the inner sanctuary and face Gabriel Celesta, the crew must make their way back to the previous levels and gather the seven stars from their respective floors.


The Cave is notable for having rare treasure including:

  • Evil Spirit's Bow
  • Skill Manual "Sunflare" (Xbox 360 version, B4)
  • Skill Manual "Savage Sparrows" (PS3 version, in Inner Sanctum)
  • Unicorn Lance
  • Skill Manual "Scintillant Stream"
  • Skill Manual "Duplication"
  • Seven Star Cloak
  • Skill Manual "Max Shockwave" (Xbox 360 version in Inner Sanctum, PS3 version in B4)
  • Water Ring


While being a great place to level up (most battles give around 15 to 30 thousand XP), the Cave of the Seven Stars poses significant danger. These enemies are among the strongest in the game, only to be dwarfed by those found in the Wandering Dungeon . Like most Star Ocean games, these bosses are mostly duplicates of ones fought earlier in the game with significantly improved stats.

The Metal Scumbag enemy found in B6 and B7 is arguably the best enemy for EXP/Fol grinding in the game.

  • B1: Temple Guardian
  • B2: Blue Eagle Ranger, Black Eagle Ranger, White Eagle Ranger, Red Eagle Ranger
  • B3: Sahariel Shtayim
  • B5: Shadow Reimi, Shadow Arumat, Shadow Sarah
  • B6: Custom Newt, Custom Dragoon, Wrathful Tamiel
  • B7: Barachiel Fallen
  • Inner Sanctum: Gabriel Celeste (Boss)
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