The Celestial Beings are two recurring superbosses in the Star Ocean series. Both without a recurring name, they are Gabriel Celesta and Ethereal Queen. In every appearance, Gabriel must be defeated before the Ethereal Queen, being relatively weaker than her. They are always the most powerful enemies of each game they appear, except in the case of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, where Freya is by far the most powerful enemy in the game.

This fact extends throughout all of tri-Ace's games, since both these characters are a mark of the company's games. They appear as well in the Valkyrie Profile series and in the games Radiata Stories and Infinite Undiscovery.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

Only Gabriel can be fought in the first installment of the series. It is summoned by using the the level 10 Devil's Aria from the Music speciality.

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Gabriel Celesta and Iseria Queen can be encountered in the second Star Ocean. Iseria Queen must be summoned using the Music speciality, being the enemy for the level 10 Devil's Aria song, while Gabriella is the final boss of the Maze of Tribulations.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Gabriel Celesta and Ethereal Queen can be encountered in Till the End of Time. Gabriel lies in the deepest area of the Maze of Tribulations, while Ethereal Queen resides in the last floor of Sphere 211.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Gabriel Celesta is found on the last floor of the Cave of the Seven Stars. Ethereal Queen can be found on the 20th floor and every second floor afterward of the Wandering Dungeon.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

Gabriel Celeste appears in the "Indra's Return" section of the Maze of Tribulations. Ethereal Queen appears in the "Terpsichorean Genesis", the final section of the Maze of Tribulations. After defeating her, the Maze resets, and Gabriel and the Queen become more powerful, up to 3 iterations.