A princess symbologist who enjoys treasure hunting, she chooses money and training over romance. She likes revealing clothes but her sense of style is rather eccentric.
—STAR OCEAN: Second Evolution official site

Celine Jules (セリーヌ・ジュレス, Serīnu Juresu?) is a character from Star Ocean: The Second Story and its remake, Star Ocean: Second Evolution, and later reappears in the direct sequel Star Ocean: Blue Sphere. She also makes a playable appearance in Star Ocean: Anamnesis.


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Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Celine invokes a symbol

Celine invokes a Symbol.

You first meet Celine in Krosse after a scene, and she will join your party temporarily to Krosse Cave. After finding the Ancient Writings key item and leaving Krosse Cave, she will offer to join your party permanently. In a private action is triggered when Celine is not in the party, but Bowman is, the two will reveal that they were once supposed to be married. She is a symbologist of Marze, vowing to wear the appropriate clothing due to her honor. She has a role in the Marze arc of the story. She is a treasure hunter who is always ready for an adventure. She is also a strong symbology user, mostly specializing in attack spells. In many of her endings, she is seen treasure hunting, adventuring or trying to find a man. In Rena's scenario, she can have a special ending with a man named Chris (Clyde in Second Evolution), who is secretly Prince Clauzer of Krosse. The two can marry.

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere

Immediantly after the inital storyline, Celine continues to wander Expel as a heraldic mage, and makes a name for herself.

Celine SD 368 Combat

Celine invokes a fire symbol in SD 368.

She becomes quite well known for her ability to solve problems others around her have, as well as becoming a center of gossip between her and the Prince of Krosse, Chris. However, the relationship between her and Chris has not grown any stronger since she first left.

When Precis sends her the SOS, Celine immediantly joins on, happy to have some rest from helping other people, as she is worn out from solving everyone elses problems.

Sometime after the events on Energy Nede, Celine sets about researching Healing Symbology with Rena, hoping to one day unlock its secrets and spread the healing abilities throughout Expel. She was eventually successful, as hundreds of years later, Expellians with strong Nedian ancestry are known for their impressive abilities utilizing healing symbols.

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When this is all over, will you come back to this ocean with me?
—Celine Jules

Celine is shrewd, calculating, restless, and has a need for adventure. As she grows older, she fears that she will never find a boyfriend as she is too deeply immersed in her work as a treasure hunter. She is skilled in treasure hunting and symbology--particularly of the Fire, Light, Star, Thunder, and Vacuum elements. She likes beautiful jewels, fashionable clothing, and expensive cosmetics and her taste in guys is a big, brawny guy she can depend on. Consequently, she dislikes effeminate men.

Celine's favorite instrument is the Violin (which she shares with Leon), while her favorite food is Baby Rabbit Risotto, much to the other characters' surprise. (In Second Evolution, this food has been renamed to Rabbit Risotto.)


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

I mean, having you and your Symbology on our side... I figured that could really help us out.
—Rena Lanford recruits Celine

Celine is skilled in offensive Symbology that primarily revolves around the Fire, Wind, and Light elements, with a few buff and debuff spells mixed in, and uses rods as weapons. She can also equip mage robes and special wizard hats. Being the only female attack-specialized mage, there is a number of earring accessories that only Celine can equip.

She has the second highest INT growth in the game, after Leon, however also has the lowest defensive stats, being very fragile, and the lowest AGI in the game.


Her symbol levels are Major Destructive and Major Supportive.

Name MP Cost Level/Item Learned
Fire Bolt 2 0
Wind Blade 2 0
Thunder (Thunder Bolt) 4 0
Laser Beams (Ray) 10 9
Energy Arrow 17 12
Forget 10 15 (Second Story)
Star Light 10 17
Reflection 8 19 (Second Story)
Mental Drain (Mind Absorber) 1 22
Neutralize (Neutral) 17 27
Bless 18 28
Thunderstorm 28 31
Eruption 30 34
Curse 20 39
Lunar Light 38 43
Southern Cross 42 49
Thunder Cloud 40 55
Reflection (Anti) 40 59
Explode 54 66
Angel Feather 30 76
Meteor Swarm 82 Found at the Maze of Tribulations

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Family Tree

Celine Tree


Material Trader


  • Celine is one of three characters with their own "special" ending (the other two being Ashton and Opera). To get this ending, you have to have chosen Rena as your main character and must participate in a series of PA's in Krosse involving Celine and a man named Chris/Clyde.
  • Celine is one of three characters who can have all talents (the others are Leon and Noel); however, she is also the only character in the game who has only one shot at having a specific talent (in her case, Love of Animals). By this, it means that if she does not start with Love of Animals (which she has a 10% chance of starting with it), she can never develop it.
  • Celine, Noel, and Chisato are the only characters in The Second Story not to bar recruitment to another character. In Second Evolution, Welch is another character that falls under these conditions.
  • Celine's last Heraldric spell is found in the Cave of Trials.
  • She has two endings with Ernest.
  • Celine is often seen inside inns during PA's.
  • In Star Ocean EX, Celine is shown to have an intense fear of bugs.
  • She is the character whose appearance and clothes changed the most from Second Story/Evolution to Blue Sphere.
  • Celine shares both of her voices with two other party members; she shares her Japanese voice with Leon, while her English voice actress is the same as Precis'.
    • This parallels Noel who also has shared voice actors in both languages with other party members.