The Centropolis of Nede.

The Centropolis of Nede, also known as Central City, is the capital in Energy Nede. Located south of North City, it is the political center of Energy Nede, with Mayor Nall as its chief politician holding his office on the top floor of its central skyscraper. This highrise building also serves as the headquarters for Energy Nede's primary newspaper, the Nede Chronicle.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Centropolis WM

The Centropolis on the world map.

The Centropolis is the second area on Energy Nede visited by Claude C. Kenny, Rena Lanford and their companions after leaving the Outer Garden Paradise. They reach Centropolis via a teleporter located within the Gardens, which takes them to the office of Nall, the mayor of Centropolis and an effective ruler of Energy Nede. There he speaks with them about the Ten Wise Men and how due to their alien powers and Rena's old Nedian powers that they are the only ones that can help in defeating the Ten Wise Men once and for all. He then sends them to North City in order to obtain a Psynard, a protected, dieing species of Symbological flying creatures.

Returning with a Psynard, Nall informs the party that they must now visit the Four Symbological Fields of Nede, in order to discover the true essence of Symbology and hone their skills for the war with the Ten Wise Men. After the party explores and conquers the Four Fields, Nall escorts the party to the headqaurters of the Nede Defense Force , a former aquarium turned military fort called L'Aqua, to prepare an assault on Phynal, the city which has become the Ten Wise Men's base of operations. After the initial strike ends in failure, the party retreats to the Centropolis again, where Nall plans to use the forbidden research of the Symbological Weapons Laboratory against the Wise Men. In order to accomplish this, the party heads for the Nedian weapons manufacturing city of Armlock, where they unlock the sealed direct transporter to the Symbological Weapons Laboratory, which is located on a distant planet shrouded in a space-time displacement shield.

Ultimately, the Centropolis is destroyed along with all of Nede due to the effect of the Symbol of Annihilation destructive forces being unleashed within in the energy shield protecting Energy Nede, but not before the altered symbol utilized the energies of Centropolis and the other Nedian cities to pull the planet Expel through time from the moment prior to its destructive collision with Energy Nede into the current space-time continuum and transporting the party back to Expel from the crumbling artificial planetoid.

Character Recruitment Changes

  • Chisato Madison can be recruited in Centropolis after obtaining a Psynard in the Cave of Crimson Crystals, provided you have at least one open spot in the party and have viewed a chain of events in Centropolis, North City and the Cave of Crimson Crystals, and have retrieved the ID Card she dropped in the Cave.


Item Cost
Lezard's Flask 120000
Aquaberries 105
Blackberries 200
Blueberries 60
Mandrake 20
Rose Hip 460
Artemis Leaf 9800
Wolfsbane 900
Lavender 150
Athelas 1200
Resurrection Elixir 85
Magic Canvas 1000
Magical Clay 600
Fountain Pen 460
Beret 40000
Spectacles 8
Amulet of Antivenin 5000
Antidote 140
Paralysis Cure 150
Stone Cure 450
Premium Paper 50
Thief's Gloves 40000
Pet Food 10
Conductor's Baton 85
Magical Film 900

Celestial Sapience
Item Cost
Knowledge 1 300
Knowledge 2 1500
Sense 1 400
Technical 1 400
Hyperion Weapons
Item Cost
Searing Sword 12000
Luminous Slicers 20
Cestus of Poison 460
Hecaton's Punch 9800
Silver Rod 900
Majestic Puncher 150
Light Whip 1200
Theory of Symbology 85
Megawatt Stunner 40000
Silver Helmet 105
Silver Robe 200
Plate Armor 60
Fine Shield 1600
Silver Greaves 500
Tense Handy Stick 8

Empyrean Cuisine
Item Cost
Seafood 500
Meat 300
Fruit 80
Grains 150
Eggs and Dairy 30
Vegetables 10
Steak 600
Flat Soda 200
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