Lymle, showing her immense faith in Cerberus

"He's my doggie, kay'?"
Lymle Lemuri Phi

Cerberus is a being from an unknown demon world that acts as guardian and servant for Lymle Lemuri Phi.


As a child, Lymle invoked a Symbol that opened a portal to the Demon World. Sensing her fear, Cerberus rescued her and returned her home.

After this event, Cerberus began serving Lymle as a guardian and a pet, responding faithfully to her call.


Lymle can summon Cerberus during battle to perform a number of different Special Arts. They are as follows:

  • Hatchet Reel: Summons Cerberus to perform a devastating spin attack on the enemy. Known by default
  • Scorching Star: Summons Cerberus to breathe a giant wave of fire that damages any enemies in the vicinity. Learned at level 18.
  • Hound Grenade: Summons Cerberus to chase after the enemy and set off an explosion. Learned at level 32.
  • Spiral Fang: Summons Cerberus to charge straight ahead in a swirling blaze of flames, knocking back any enemies in it's path. Learned at level 41.
  • Trinity Blaze: Summons Cerberus, who generates an additional head on each shoulder and breathes three times the fire. Learned from Skill Manual.
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