Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Star Ocean 4, SO4 for PS3 or XBOX360


One of the best enemies, if not the best enemy, to Level off in preparation for the Satanail fight. Basically: leave one alive and get it low enough so that it uses Schism, causing it to double. The new one will have full life, but the creator will still have low HP. Kill the creator and get the new one to low life and continue doing this until you're satisfied or it gets bugged. If you're having trouble lowering it enough but not killing it outright, try to change your equipment or disabling all Critical Modifiers. In doing this, it will spawn near-infinitely unless you accidentally kill them all. There is also a chance that it will never Schism for the Duration of the fight but this is a Rare bug. Make use of your EXP Modifiers. If done right you'll easily attain 100K-400K EXP per fight without strong gear needed and just with the +140% Default EXP Modifier by killing enemies with a Critical Hit (or do the Blindside Critical if you have no Critical Hit Modifiers). At the Final Boss save point go back one zone (the one with the crumbling stairs). Once in, take the Chandelier Tram across to the West. There will be two spawns here. One of them may be the purple Chaotic Cell. If not, zone West and re-enter to check. No need to deal with the annoying stairs.

- Leveling method. Grinding scheme. Lots of Experience off this foe. This is practically a Powerleveling mob.

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