Chilico is an Inventor in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. A fairy who loves shiny things, her mannerisms hide how old she really is.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Fayt finds Chilico in the Surferio general store. There she tells him her love of shiny things, so Fayt shows her a lot of shiny things. She is more than happy to help out for such a large amount of shiny stuff and claims she will build a fort out of it.


  • Skills: Level 60 Crafting
  • Time: +60%
  • Cost: -10%
  • Recruited with: 82,000 Fol
Can Invent
Crude Ring Heavy Ring
Tacky Earring Loose Ring
Humiliating Earring Pitiful Earring
Third-Rate Bracelet Mystic Orb
Earring of Accuracy Ring of Mental Power
Yellow Talisman Ankh of Dismissal
Badge of Reflection Blazing Pendant
Berserker's Pendant Bladebane Cross
Demonbane Cross Magebane Ankh
Silver Cross Wingbane Cross
Anti-Incapacitation Amulet Ring of Animosity
Elven Slippers Mallet Charm
Aegis Pendant Faerie Earring
Emerald Earring Boots of Prowess
Star Necklace Theives' Boots

Dictionary Entry

A Bubbleheart woman who left her homeland in the Sanmite Republic in order to find work. Chilico may be cute and tiny, but that is simply a racial characteristic. She's actually quite old. And quite married.

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