The Church of Apris is a polytheistic religion found on Elicoor II which is not only the official religion of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria but is also followed by around half of the rest of Elicoor II's inhabitants. The primary god is Apris, the Sun God.


The Gods of the Church of Apris I

The Church of Apris worships many gods in addition to Apris, the Sun God. There are the Sun God's wives, the Triplet Moon Goddesses, along with their offspring, the eight gods and goddesses of land, water, fire, clouds, light, darkness, time, and the underworld. Then there is the Emissary of Apris, who is charged with conveying the word of Apris. These gods and goddesses are enshrined at temples across our land, where they are worshipped by countless followers.

Chief God

Wives of Apris

The Triplet Moon Goddesses

  • Irisa, the Goddess of Wind and the Eldest Moon Goddess
  • Erinia, the Goddess of Thunder and War and the Second-Eldest Moon Goddess
  • Palmira, the Goddess of Rain and the Youngest Moon Goddess

Other Deities

The Eight Sons and Daughters of Apris Listed Alphabetically

  • Aire, the God of the Land
  • Dirna, the Goddess of Fire
  • Elena, the Goddess of Light
  • Folstar, the God of the Underworld
  • Leieria, the Goddess of Time
  • Oreas, the God of Darkness
  • Shar, the Goddess of Water
  • Solon, the God of Clouds

Divine Prophets

  • Emissary of Apris, the Voice of Apris
  • Holy Mother, the Heart of Apris; Commander of the Secrets of the Gods.
  • The Arrow of Apris, the prophets sent by Apris to end the chaos.

Holy Figures

Holy Sites


The Sacred Tablet of the Ten Precepts

The Sacred Tablet of the Ten Precepts is the sacred treasure bestowed upon St. Ronaldo Dyne by Elena, Goddess of Light. Upon its surface are sacred Ten precepts that all followers of Apris must obey.

1. Thou shalt walk thine own road, provided thou doesn't not violate the following precepts.

2. Thou shall not steal, maim, nor kill.

3. Thou shall practice moderation, not indulgence.

4. Thou shall cherish thy fellow man, and value the souls of the all living creatures, for they are equal.

5. Thou shall work hard and fulfill thy duties, for indolence is the death of the soul.

6. Thou shall not cause needless strife, for pain begets anger, and anger begets suffering.

7. Thou shall abandon desire and broaden thy knowledge, Act upon truth, not illusions.

8. Thou shall judge fairly. It is a sin to do otherwise.

9. Thou shall punish criminals according to their crimes, for those who go unpunished will commit them again.

10. Thou shall never punish the innocent.


Book of Creation I

In the distant past, when even the sands of time did not flow, it is said that the world was divided into the promised Land of Aden and the Land of Eldia, where those of unfledged souls flock. Aden was protected by the divine powers of the ten deities, and the people there lived in peace and happiness. But in Eldia, where the powers of the ten deities could not reach, the negative emotions of anger, hatred, suffering, envy, jealousy, scorn, and lust filled the land.

Book of Creation II

One day, out of idle curiosity, the seraph Faria, who was born in Eldia but raised in Aden, sowed the seeds of strife between the demon Luqifer and the deva Lance. The seeds soaked up the red water Faria gave them, and in a blink of an eye they sprouted and grew so big that they covered all of Eldia. In time, the small strife turned into fierce hatred, precipitating a massive war that ultimately involved the people of Aden, too.

Book of Creation III

By the end of the fierce war between the gods, the two lands of Aden and Eldia had been ravaged by searing white flames that stretched all the way to the heavens. Countless gods and people lost their lives and those that survived had nowhere to which they could return... Frightened by the result of their actions, the gods gave rise to a new Promised Land known as Enalneed, guided the survivors there, and then vanished from this world. And so it is said the Age of the Ancients ended.

Book of Creation IV

The world became a void where there was no ligh, no wind, nor even any sound. And yet, after a time immeasurable to man, new life sprouted. From the blazing Land of Aden rose the Father God, Apris, clothed in a crimson robe, and from the frozen Land of Eldia rose the beautiful triplet goddesses Irisa, Erinia, and Palmira.

Book of Creation V

Over a period of 1,024 years, the Father God, Apris, together with the three Moon Goddesses, created a new land of hope and the many living things there. Once they finished creating all life, Apris threw his own body into a blazing fire, transforming his very soul into a great mass of flames that rose into the heavens. Thus he became embodied in the Sun so he could watch over the world for all eternity. The triplet goddesses Irisa, Erinia, and Palmira also sought to protect the world together with their husband, Apris. As they rose into the heavens, the ever curious Irisa kept looking back at the world they had created., and so it was that she was separated from the other two Moon Goddesses circling our world.

Ikelos' Book of Prophecies

About Ikelos' Book of Prophecies

In the Library of Theology in Castle Aquaria, this book rests peacefully within its many shelves: Written by Aquaria I, there are a total of 777 chapters spanning 13 volumes. It is said to record all the divine plagues that will ravage our world. However, the prophecies are shrouded in cryptic language. Accurately deciphering them is extremely difficult, even for scholars specializing in such matters. Some scholars even claim that Ikelos' Book of Prophecies is a forgery written during the war 300 years ago. However, the prophecies that have have been deciphered thus far describe actual events that have occurred, and based on this nearly flawless, god-like accuracy, the book may indeed be the word of the gods.

Arrow of Apris

When Airyglyph invaded Aquaria, bringing chaos to the lands of the Church of Apris, the people of Aquaria believed that one of the prophecies was coming to pass and eagerly awaited the coming of the Arrow of Apris. When the Quark vessel Eagle crash landed in Airyglyph carrying the former leader of Quark, Cliff Fittir, his pilot Mirage Koas, dnd their young undergrad passenger Fayt Leingod in its bowels, the Aquarians thought this to be their Arrow of Apris and sent Nel Zelpher and her Secret Legion to forcibly extract the occupants, whom according to Ikelos would be the prophets of Apris, from Airyglyph custody in order to utilize their technological know-how to win the war against the military superpower of Airyglyph.

Dictionary Entry

According to Ikelos' Book of Prophecies, handed down from ancient times in the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria, when chaos strikes the holy land, an arrow will shoot down from the heavens.

The Treasures of the Gods

The sacred treasures of great power that have been found are evidence of the existence of the gods. They include the Sacred Orb, a crystal sphere of pure runological force; the Sword of the Crimson Scourge, which assimilates the souls of its victims; the Sacred Tablet of the Ten Precepts, which record the law as handed down by the gods; and the living eyes of the Holy Mother. They are all mysterious treasures with powers beyond all mortal comprehension. It can be said that the very existence of these treasures proves that there truly are gods.

Dictionary Entry A polytheistic religion honoring Apris, the Sun God, as its central and most powerful god. Almost all inhabitants of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria, and roughly half of the humans living elsewhere on Elicoor II adhere to the worship of Apris. According to the Church of Apris, when upheaval is at hand in the world, a prophet of Apris, the Sun God, descends from the heavens to search for the age's most powerful weilder of runological power (usually a woman), and elevates this person to the status of Holy Mother. Of course, with the current invasion by the military superpower of Airyglyph, it is believed that the prophet of Apris, the Sun God, has descended in our age. This time, the Holy Mother is thought to be Aquaria XXVII, who is also queen of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.

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