Clair Lasbard (クレア・ラーズバード, Kurea Razubado) is one of the agents working for Aquaria in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. Not only is she good friends with Nel Zelpher, but she is also the daughter of Adray Lasbard. Her home planet is Elicoor II. She is voiced by Lia Sargent.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Fayt and Cliff first meet Clair when Nel successfully brings them as far as Arias, a ruined city where some members of the queen's forces have set up base. Clair is relieved to see Nel's safe return and wastes no time in trying to convince Fayt and Cliff to help them end their war with Airyglyph. But Fayt is still uneasy about helping to create their weapon. The next day, Fayt and Cliff discover Nel's disappearance and Clair mentions that it was because she went back to Kirlsa Training Facility to free her captured friends. Cliff and Fayt chase after her and luckily make it back to Arias, even after defeating Shelby and having a close encounter with Albel Nox. If the party chooses to bring Adray Lasbard with them before the big battle with Vox, she will make some comments about how her father would never back down from fighting alongside Aquaria and how she asks that they take care of him. Clair leads the troops when Airyglyph decides to pull out a final attack against them before their weapon is completed. But it ended after the Vendeeni arrive and start attacking both sides. Clair manages to successfully withdraw most of their forces and they return to Castle Aquaria. Clair is no real part of the story from here on out other than wishing Nel luck on her missions.

Dictionary Entry

The captain of the runological corps that reports directly to Aquaria XXVII, and long-time friend of Nel. Clair also currently serves as commander of the Aquarian army position near Arias. Clair and Nel are together known as the double-edged Crimson Blade and are charged with doing the dirty work for Aquaria XXVII, also known as the Holy Mother. The two are famous in surrounding lands.


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