"Do I look like an "average guy" to you?"
Cliff Fittir (クリフ・フィッター, Kurifu Fittā) is one of the main characters of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and reappears in Star Ocean: Anamnesis.

A 36 year old Klausian and a member of the anti-Federation movement Quark, he's later revealed in the game to be its founder. Cliff often works with his partner-in-crime, Mirage Koas and is incredibly strong, with stamina that far outpaces that of Earthlings.

He appears as a brash, brawn-oriented man, but is also very clever and possesses a strong knowledge of military tactics and politics and is quite amicable. He considers himself Fayt's protector and also his guide for most of the story, knowing more than he lets on.


"Cliff is a Klausian fighter with a heart of gold. At first glance, he seems to be all brawn and little brain...On the battlefield, Cliff is a madman with superhuman strength and endurance."
—Official Strategy Guide.


SOTTOT - Meeting Cliff

Cliff meeting Fayt at Norton's Hideout.

Quark, an organization originally founded and led by Cliff until he gives the post to Maria, is considered a terrorist organization by the Federation, though Cliff's goals are not the destruction of the Federation, but rather the strengthening of independent planets and weakening the Federation's centralization of control. The Klaus system is a major sympathizer with Quark.

Fourth-Dimension War

Cliff tracks down Fayt on Vanguard III at Quark head Maria Traydor's behest, knowing considerably more of Fayt's true nature than Fayt himself. Cliff is trying to deliver Fayt away from the Federation which would seek to use him in the future as a military weapon and enlist him into Quark's ranks instead. Unfortunately, Cliff's planned escape goes awry, after having to aide Fayt against Norton on Vanguard III and later crash-landing in the capital of Airyglyph on the underdeveloped planet Elicoor II. After being set free by Aquarian agent Nel Zelpher, he guards and guides Fayt about, trying to protect him. After Maria comes to Elicoor II, Cliff has a more minor role, aiding the party against both the Vendeeni and the Executioners.


"I got no problem with dragons. No problem at all."
—Cliff demonstrating his extreme--but not unfounded--self-confidence.
Cliff Victorious 4P

Cliff standing vicotorious.

Cliff fights with fist gauntlets, rejecting blades or guns. With the exception of his hidden skill Max Shockwave, Cliff's special attacks consist mostly of close range multiple hit moves. Cliff's attack power is higher than most, but in contrast his defense is lower than Fayt's, so he's not able to hit a zero damage level of constitution until much further along when better armor is available.

As none of Cliff's attacks drain MP, he has an extremely high HP amount for use of his attacks. In contrast, his MP is extremely low, making him an easy target for MP-draining attacks.

Battle Skills

Skill Name Level Acq HP/MP Useage Fury% CP
Sphere of Might 4 20/6% HP 15/35 4
Hammer of Might 10 15/5% HP 20/47 4
Electric Fists 15 20/5% HP 9/40 6
Charge 17 20/5% HP 20/42 4
Fiery Tackle 20 20/5% HP 12/35 6
Aerial 21 10/5% HP 20/42 2
Aerial Assault 25 80/8% HP 20/47 5
Fists of Fury 30 300/10% HP 20/47 6
Uppercut 40 200/8% HP 15/35 6
Acrobat Locus 50 400/10% HP 20/50 6
Infinity Kick Has to be found in the Maze of Tribulations B5F or Ursa Cave Temple 600/15% HP 30/60 8
Max Shockwave Has to be found in the Sphere 211 150th level 700/12% HP 30/60 6

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Availability: Gacha Permanent

Role: Attacker ACE 5☆ to 6☆

Weapon: Knuckle


  • Klaus Hero - AP Consumption -40% (Self)
  • Dojo Trained - ATK +30% (Self)
  • Will for Revolution - Critical Rate +20% (Self)
  • Rush Combo: Fist of Fury Strong - No Effects Power: ATK x 4,500% Max Hit Count: 25


  • Trident Arts 24 AP - Power: ATK x 250% Max Hit Count: 3
  • Crescent Locus 17 AP - Power: ATK x 150% Max Hit Count: 4
  • Acrobat Locus 41 AP - Power: ATK x 710% Max Hit Count: 4
  • Fist of Fury 43 AP - Power: ATK x 780% Max Hit Count: 25

LB 10 Level 70 Status:

  • HP: 15,750
  • ATK: 3,183
  • INT: 1,522
  • DEF: 1,930
  • HIT: 1,162
  • GRD: 812



  • In a conversation in a cathedral with Fayt, Cliff claims to be an atheist.
  • As someone bearing a "modern" education, he is also capable of being an engineer in a pinch, as both he and Fayt have the advantage of several hundred years of progress over the inhabitants of Elicoor II.
  • Cliff's darkside outfit resembles Squall Leonhart's outfit from Final Fantasy VIII.
  • Cliff's Japanese voice actor, Hiroki Touchi, has voiced characters in nearly every tri-Ace title, most notably that of the mercenary Arngrim in the Valkyrie Profile series.
  • During Maria's flashback when her power awakened, if one pays close attention to the moments before she orders the quantum torpedoes to fire, there is a rather unique find. If one looks closely when it zooms to Marietta, they can see someone sitting in the seat next to Marietta. The person is the same design as Cliff's second player costume (dubbed "Doppleganger Cliff" by fans of the series who noticed).

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