Located in Tatroi on Roak. The Colosseum is first visited briefly in an event during the hunt for Black Eagle, but outside of that quest it is still closed. Only upon completing the quests Where's the Receptionist? and Sore Throat Soother is full access to the Colosseum gained.

The Colosseum houses two mini-games: the Colosseum Battles and the Bunny Races, a recurring theme in the Star Ocean series. As in past games, participating can be very profitable for your party in terms of exp and Fol as well as earning Fight Coins to be exchanged for prizes. Leaving the Colosseum does not reset your Fight Coin total, but you cannot see how many Fight Coins you currently have unless you check with the Fight Coin Exchange.

The Colosseum Fight Coin Exchange booth acts as a shop, allowing you to trade Fight Coins for prizes - it is the only shop where Fight Coins are used instead of Fol.

Colosseum Battles

There are three types of Colosseum Battles:

Solo Battle -- Select any one character in your party to participate in a single one-on-one fight. Each character in your party has a separate ranking, starting at rank 102, and your other party members appear as possible opponents in the Solo Battle ranking board.
Team Battle -- Your party starts out at rank 101 and will participate in a single team fight against the ranked opponent team of your choice. The ranking board is different from the Solo Battles ranking board.
Survival Battles -- This is a series of 10 battles fought with your entire party. The difference is that you have no idea who your opponents are going to be. Starting from 1 Fight Coin, the prize money doubles with every victory, but if you lose, you lose everything. After each fight you may opt to continue to the next fight, until you finish all 10 battles or choose to quit and leave with the current winnings.

Opponents for solo and team battles are chosen from the respective ranking boards, and you may select opponents up to three ranks above you. Note that defeating opponents ranked lower than you will reduce your Fight Coins reward to only 2. A loss results in no change in ranking and an award of 1 Fight Coin as a consolation prize. A win may result in a change in ranking depending on an unknown internal counter, as well as an increasingly larger amount of Fight Coins depending on your rank.

Opponents for the Survival Battles are selected from 10 teams from the team ranked battles in the team battle rankings. Each time you sign up you will fight these 10 teams in a random order - the order will be different every time. Beating the Survival Battle mode twice will replace the pool of 10 opponent teams with higher ranked teams. Since the award is always the same (512 Fight Coins for beating all 10), you may wish to beat only 9 teams (for a reward of 256 Fight Coins) and then forfeit the 10th match. This means that at a cost of half the speed of earning Fight Coins, you get to keep fighting the same 10 easy teams repeatedly.

There seems to be a limit to this trick, however. After repeatedly abusing Survival Battles by quitting after 9 fights to win 256 Fight Coins, eventually the opponent teams still got upgraded. Testing with several game saves appears to indicate that this change is most likely triggered either by how many Colosseum battles your party has participated in, or by how many Fight Coins you have earned. This conclusion is supported by the fact that the other two battle modes (solo and team) are also designed to limit Fight Coin farming: you merely win 2 Fight Coins when fighting any opponents ranked below you, while fighting opponents ranked above you will raise your rank until you eventually run out of higher ranked opponents.
From this it can be deduced that eventually your characters and party will top the solo and team rankings, therefore removing those two modes as long-term Fight Coin sources (because when you're ranked #1, obviously everyone else will be lower ranked - thus beating them only gains you 2 Fight Coins). On the other hand ranks don't matter in Survival Battles so there may be a loophole here where you can keep fighting forever. However, as mentioned above winning these fights will change the 10 opponent teams to harder ones, and the game only has a limited number of teams. It is likely that once you beat the top tier Survival Battles the game may simply bar you from participating in them any more. If anyone can clarify please edit this.
Finally, a note on bunny racing. When you first are able to enter the Colosseum you don't have access yet to items to feed your Bunny to make it better. This means bunny racing isn't a viable Fight Coin farming option until later.

Bunny Races

There are 3 tiers of races (costing 5, 10, and 100 Fight Coins respectively to enter). The first two tiers are merely for fun and - aside from the Fight Coins gained from winning (1st or 2nd place) - don't count for anything.

The third tier race will reward you with the Bunny Champion Medal the first time you win it. While not really anything special, it's really easy to obtain since you only need to win 1 race.
- +99 Def, +60 Hit, +2 Earth Resistance
- Nullifies damage from animals 20% of the time
- Creates a shockwave when guarding
- 20% immunity to all status ailments
- Increases chance of surviving incap via Fury

Finally, the third tier races count towards two PS3 achievements (win 50 and 100 races, respectively). Also, it's the fastest way to rack up Fight Coins in the colosseum.


The earliest you can do this is after returning to the Calnus at the end of your first trip to Roak and obtaining Sarah. Once she joins your party you will now have access to the recipes of the stat-increasing pies which you need to max out your bunny's stats.

 Other than the recipes, you will need some money (you'll likely have more than enough at this point in the game unless you were speed running through or something), and the Lil' Vending Machine 2 (which vends several of the various pie ingredients).

You racing bunny maxes out at 200 per stat, and typically starts out with something like 20 or so in each of them. Here are the four pies which you can feed it:

  • 20 Stamina Pies (+3 Stamina) - Cooking lv7; 2x Pie Crusts, 2x Raw Animal Meat
  • 20 Speed Pies (+3 Speed) - Cooking lv8; 2x Pie Crusts, 1x Lemon, 1x Fresh Cream
  • 6 Acceleration Pies (+3 Acceleration) - Cooking lv8; 2x Pie Crusts, 3x Sweet Fruit
  • 20 Miracle Pies (+3 to a random stat that is not already maxed) - Cooking lv10; 2x Pie Crusts, 1x Common Egg, 1x Vegetables, 1x Rich Cheese

The number preceding the pie names is how many you can create with IC per trip to the Calnus. Here is how to obtain the ingredients:

- Tatroi (where the colosseum is located) is also home to Peppita's Store, which is the ground floor counter store of the two-storey building on the right just before the fountain on the way to the colosseum. You can buy the following ingredients from her: Raw Animal Meat, Common Egg, Vegetables, and Rich Cheese.

- If you have completed Ruddle's series of sidequests, you can now buy stuff from him also in Tatroi; he will be standing on the left side of the road just before the bend towards the colosseum - buy Sweet Fruit from him.

ALTERNATELY, take the barge to Astral and buy the Sweet Fruit from the first item shop stand (it's Whole Heart Foods, run by Madonna of the Greengrocers, the nearer one of two shops near the square of Astral, NOT inside any buildings - she also sells the other ingredients you can buy from Peppita, but obviously it's faster to buy from Peppita than come here). For obvious reasons it is recommended to complete Ruddle's sidequests as it will allow you to obtain everything in Tatroi.

- Lemons for the Speed Pies can be easily harvested from the two harvest points just outside the Calnus; all you have to do is just repeatedly enter and exit the ship then re-harvest the points again. You can harvest anywhere from 0 to 4 lemons per harvest point, although you typically get 1-2. Still, it doesn't take long since it's only a matter of seconds to dash to each point, harvest, then run back into the Calnus and repeat.

- Finally, the Li'l Vending Machine No. 2 which you place in the Calnus will vend Pie Crusts and Fresh Cream.

Since each pie adds 3 to a stat, it doesn't take long to hit the max of 200 per stat; 20 pies is 60 points, so 3 trips is 3 x 60 points = 180 worth of a stat (you likely need not go higher, as your bunny starts with some 20+ points in each stat already, not zero).

From the list we know Acceleration Pies can only be made at a rate of 6 per trip so it's likely the last stat to be maxed. Assuming 3 trips to max out the other 2 stats, this is 6 pies x 3 trips = 18 pies; 18 x 3 = merely 54 points, leaving 146 more to reach 200 (ignoring possible points from Miracle Pies for now).

You can still make Miracle Pies though - and with the other two stats maxed, all the Miracle Pies will automatically count in towards Acceleration since it's the only remaining stat left to max. That's 26 pies (6 Accel, 20 Miracle) for the remaining trips, making it 26 x 3 = 78 points per trip. Two trips is 156 points, more than enough for maxing out Acceleration.

Summary: at most it should take you 5 trips between the Calnus and Tatroi to max out your bunny's stats; you can usually get it done in 4.


Once you've maxed out your bunny's stats, it's time to hit the races. There are several things to bear in mind:

  • First of all, you can't control which way your Bunny goes, it moves literally on autopilot. You merely decide when to activate Dash and Jump. If this sounds like it sucks, it does, and is the whole reason we spent time maxing out the bunny's stats before playing even one race.
  • Jumping: an offensive move, jumping will cause your bunny to twirl in the air and stun the other bunnies when it lands. The only spot you cannot jump in is when you're going under the overpass.
  • Dash: this uses some stamina to give your bunny a temporary speed boost. If you empty the bunny's stamina bar, you will be stunned (just like when you get stunned by Jump) but afterwards you will be given a 20% stamina bar refill.
  • Each bunny will have a corresponding icon displaying it's current state. The face icon means it is hopping normally, eyelashes up means it is dashing, blinking indicates it is performing a jump, and making a O_O face means it is stunned.

Racing Tips

Disregard logic and common sense: the entire point of the race is the finishing position; time does not matter at all. Now combine this with the fact that jumping will stun every other bunny on the track regardless of where they are and the winning strategy can be boiled down to three words: jump, jump, jump.

As soon as the race begins, perform a jump. This will allow you to immediately pull ahead of the pack and avoid needless jostling. Run for a bit, and after several seconds jump again. Repeat this 2-3 times in order to widen the gap and cement your lead. Note the delay cooldown between jumps.

Now that you're far ahead of everyone you can afford to relax a bit. Pace yourself by dashing every few seconds or so, to maintain high speed while not burning through your stamina reserves too fast. Every once in a while, jump, even if no other bunnies are nearby - they will be stunned regardless. The minimap will show them freeze at their locations so you know this works.

The other bunnies can also jump and they will do so every once in a while. Not as frequently as you, but they do. Make sure to immediately retaliate with your own jump as soon as you recover so that any gains the opponent made will be negated. This means the other bunnies get screwed over twice but hey only winning counts.

It's possible to avoid stuns by jumping as soon as you notice an opponent doing it, either by the twirl sound effect or when you actually see them do it. If you manage to jump in time, you'll avoid getting stunned (since you were airborne when they landed) and instead you'll be the one stunning them. Generally this isn't easy to pull off so it's better to just return the favour and jump when you've recovered from being stunned.

Efficient racing can net you winning times below 1:27 but you may still be overtaken or hit by last-minute inopportune jumping. Forget that, you're not racing to be nice, you're racing to win: by following the tips here and jumping liberally you will normally clock anywhere between 1:40 to 2:00+ - but you will be guaranteed a win every single time, so it's not worth risking shaving off a few seconds off the clock just to race "normally".

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