The Convictors are a type of Executioner created by Luther Lansfeld. The ultimate Executioner, they resemble fallen angels and are in fact the smallest executioners. However, their size hides the immense power within them. They are so powerful that sending too many into the Eternal Sphere would cause a lot of problems.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

After the party leave Fourth-Dimensional Space, they are confronted by an Enforcer and Proclaimer. After defeating them, Sophia runs the uninstaller to remove the Executioners. While it looks like it worked at first, it actually unleashes the Convictor. While it proves a great challenge, the party still overcome it. Blair then appears and tells them that Luther predicted their plan, and installed the Convictor as a counter-measure, to appear if someone tried to uninstall the Executioners.

From then on, Convictors would be wander all over the Eternal Sphere.

Dictionary Entry

An upgraded, more powerful Executioner based on an improved Enforcer design. Convictors are not very large, but since Luther himself reprogrammed the Executioners, they possess greatly improved capabilities in every respect. However, these Executioners require a tremendous amount of data to exist, and releasing too many of them into the Eternal Sphere at the same time might cause serious problems in the structure of the universe itself. This is why the use of these Executioners has been restricted.

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