Star Ocean: The Last Hope Enemy
Corpse Bat
Japanese Needed
Romaji Needed
Race Bird
Location Northeast Astralian Continent
Astral Caves
Planet Roak
Weak points None
Weak against Fire
Resistant to None
Innate Abilities None
Steal None
Experience 97
Fol Dropped 165
Items Dropped Protection Seeds - (Ornithology Drop)
Raw Animal Meat
Symbology None
Abilities None

The Corpse Bat is an enemy found in various places on Roak in Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

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Dictionary Entry

A large bat that lives in caves on Roak. At night, it patrols the skies all the way to the desert, drinking the blood of carcasses and small animals it passes. A naturally timid species, it will flee from humans even at nighttime, but invading its nest will cause mass panic and virtually guarantee a head-on visit from a horde of angry bats.

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