Count Noppen is an Inventor in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. A spoiled aristocrat, he claims to be a great writer but in reality he has his servants write for him instead.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Fayt finds Noppen wandering the corridors of Castle Airyglyph. Noppen tells Fayt to get lost, but Fayt then shows him some money. Noppen thinks Fayt is trying to bribe him but he still takes the money anyway and offers Fayt his services. Provided Fayt can house his 99 servants.


  • Skills: Level 44 Writing
  • Time: +0%
  • Cost: +40%
  • Recruited with: 150,000 Fol
Can Invent
Glued Rod Crude Book
Ragged Book Esoteric Scroll
Secret Teachings Illegible Book
Earth Discharge Fire Discharge
Water Discharge Wind Discharge
Earth Resistance Decayed Tome
Musty Tome Strange Book
Crumbling Tome Dated Tome
Fire Resistance Water Resistance
Wind Resistance

Dictionary Entry

A member of the nobility of the Kingdom of Airyglyph. Although it is unknown how this gentlemen managed to survive the revolution of Airyglyph XIII, he does retain his nobility. Perhaps the Count has some skill in the arts, or perhaps he is a preeminent warrior, or scholar. It is also possible that the king kept him around simply because he's an amusing old chap.