Count Woltar
"In all the Kingdom of Airyglyph, you may appear to be the most noble of people, but you really are the most treacherous."
Nel speaking to Count Woltar following the peace accords.

Count Woltar is the captain of Airyglyph's Storm Brigade, and has led it for several decades. While he is now an old man, back in the day he used to be the most feared swordsman in all of Airyglyph.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Dictionary Entry

Part 1

The captain of the Storm Brigade and the lord of Kirlsa, Woltar is a loyal man who has served Airyglyph XIII longer than anyone else. He supported Airyglyph XIII's reformation along with Albel's father, Glou Nox.

Part 2

The man who took the life of Nevelle Zelpher, the father of Nel, and the previous leader of the Crimson Blade. Woltar knew that Nevelle's true objective was to buy time for his own people to escape, and that he was already prepared to die to meet this objective. When one considers Woltar's skill with a blade, it is evident that Woltar could have captured the exhausted man without taking his life. However, even if Nevelle was to be captured, there is no doubt that all that awaited him was torture most cruel. This man, as a spy, would not be allowed to simply die. Woltar paid his deepest respect to this man, who faced his own death with a steady and unflinching gaze.

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