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The Craftsman's Guild is an organization found on the planet Elicoor II in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. Dedicated to uniting all of the inventors of the world together, it is run by the mysterious Guild Master but in reality most business is taken care of by Welch Vineyard.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

After the party arrives in Peterny, Fayt wanders around town and enters the guild. There he finds Welch Vineyard sleeping at her desk. Surprised to actually see someone, she is eager to have Fayt sign up to the guild. When Fayt asks what they do exactly, she gives him a brief lecture on how things work and signs everyone in the party up.

Dictionary Entry

A government-run guild in the town of Peterny, created with the goal of improving technology by protecting talented craftsmen and engineers, and by promoting friendly competition between the same. Basically, this honored organization acts to place work orders and to protect engineers.

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