The Crimson Blade organization is a group that has the special authority of the queen herself. Individuals within this organization can issue orders without the need to go through normal means of authority. These members include the runological forces that Clair Lasbard leads because she is the captain of the runological corps as well.


Nevelle Zelpher (Former Leader)
Clair Lasbard (Current Leader)
Nel Zelpher
Adray Lasbard

Dictionary Entry

A title given to those individuals most trusted by the queen of the kingdom of Aquaria. A person with this title may not be hampered in any way by anyone but the queen herself, and can issue orders with the authority of the queen.

Secret Legion

Nel Zelpher is in charge of her own legion that gathers intelligence and reports directly to the Queen of Aquaria. This is a secret Aquarian legion that can gather intelligence from Airyglyph to Greeton. Since Nel Zelpher is already a member of the Crimson Blade, she controls a subgroup within the main group. It is not well known how this works with the Crimson Blade or how it is different. Farleen and Tynave are from this legion under Nel whom they refer as “Lady Nel.”


Astor Wolfricht

Dictionary Entry

A secret Aquarian unit led by the Crimson Blade Nel Zelpher, primarily responsible for gathering information in the Kingdom of Airyglyph.
The Legion of the Void, which operates in the Kingdom of Greeton, and the Spectral Legion, which operates in Sammite Republic, both report into the Secret Legion’s command structure.

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