Crosell, known to those who haven't gained his trust as The Marquis, is the largest Air Dragon on all of Elicoor II. Not only is he the biggest, but he is one of the few who is fully sentient, and looks down on Humans, especially those who don't realize that dragons can also be sentient. He is fought as a boss in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

The party ventures into the Urssa Lava Caves in search of Crosell, since they need an Air Dragon large enough to carry the Thunder Arrow. When they encounter Crosell, the party is amazed at his size, and Cliff is taken aback when the Air Dragon talks. Crosell is angered at his arrogance, and is not amused when Fayt asks him if he would carry the Thunder Arrow. Crosell then engages the party in battle, claiming that he will only serve those who can beat him. While the party does beat him, he immediately fights them again, this time using all his power. He is once again defeated, and even though he doesn't like serving humans, he cannot just go back on his word.

Crosell takes the party back to Aquios, where he is fitted with the Thunder Arrow. The party then begins their assault on the Vendeeni fleet over Aquios, with Crosell leading the fleet. After the battle is over, Crosell returns to the Lava Caves to rest. If Albel Nox was not taken upon Fayt's first trip to Moonbase, he'll be in Crosell's cave with him.


Being a gargantuan dragon, Crosell's two main methods of attacking are stomping on enemies and breathing fire. An especially dangerous move is his Doom Raid attack, where he flaps his wings and launches shockwaves. This move inflicts both HP and MP damage, but can be shielded against.

This is also a battle of endurance. After his first fight, Crosell immediately attacks again, boasting much more HP and MP as well as a general stat boost in all categories. Make sure to heal the party just before his first defeat or at the start of the second battle.

One possible exploit to Crosell, as well as a way to earn his associated Battle Trophies, is his low amount of MP. MP damaging attacks such as Maria's Aiming Device and Nel's Flying Guilotine, especially when chained, can inflict significant MP damage to help the end the fight quickly. MP draining bombs also make for a safe, but not as fast, substitute.

Battle Trophies

Number Name
101 Defeat Crosell within one Minute
102 Defeat Crosell Without Taking Damage

Dictionary Entry

A seven hundred year old air dragon who lives in the Urssa Lava Caves, and who is sometimes referred to as the Lord of Air Dragons. Actually, several members of the Dragon Brigade have attempted to perform the Accession of the Flame with Crosell, but in every case, the challenger has been found lacking.