"I have a debt to the people who came with me because they believed in me. So let me go...please. Best friends, huh?"
—Crowe F. Almedio

Crowe F. Almedio is the commander of the SRF spaceship SRF-001 Aquila, and a non-playable character in Star Ocean: The Last Hope.


Belonging to the first expeditionary batch of SRF like Edge, Crowe attained the rank of Captain for SRF-001 Aquila at a young age of 21 years, due to his exceptional talent and leadership abilities. He has been childhood friends with Edge and Reimi, who treat him as their elder brother. He is a hardworking and determined man who will tackle any obstacles in his way. His quick thinking allows him to remain calm, analyze and solve the many situations he's put in. Crowe's reason for joining the SRF is to help open a new chapter for Earth and mankind, after the depressing effects of the devastating war. He is a survivor of Project Hope along with Edge and Reimi.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Crowe render form

Crowe is seen for the first time on a private transmission to the SRF-003 Calnus, where he has a short conversation with Edge and simply tells him to give it his all. Upon the departure from Moonbase, all five SRF ships are caught in a warp anomaly on the way to Aeos. However, while the Balena, Calnus, Dentdelion and Eremia end up on Aeos upon the emergency warp-out, Crowe's ship, the Aquila, ended up far from Aeos, where a Morphus vessel was spotted under attack by a Cardianon warship. After destroying the warship, Crowe hailed the doomed vessel and attempted to rescue its crew, which consisted of only one person -- Lucien Tionysus, Myuria Tionysus's husband. Unfortunately, Crowe could not communicate with Lucien properly because the Morphus vessel's translator was damaged when it was attacked. Unable to understand a word the Morphus man said, Crowe could not do anything but watch as the ship disintegrated and Lucien died inside the ship. He did, however, find an escape pod not too far from the ship -- the one that Lucien's wife, Myuria, was in. Unfortunately, when he hailed the escape pod, Myuria mistook Crowe for having killed her husband. In her grief and confusion, Myuria swore to kill Crowe the next time she saw him.

Later on, while Bacchus D-79 was on his way to Arcturis VIII on a mission to investigate the Grigori, he came across a distress signal from the Aquila. After hearing about Bacchus's mission, Crowe proposed that he and his crew assist Bacchus in his mission, but before hearing Bacchus's answer, he infiltrated the stronghold, but didn't get far, as Crowe, his crew, and Bacchus were captured. Bacchus helped Crowe and his crew escape, but not before handing the young man a translator to decode the message Lucien left that could not be understood before.

Crowe eventually headed to En II safely, made contact with the Morphus, and learned about the grave danger the galaxy was in. After learning about the Grigori's true goal, he headed back to Aeos after receiving confirmation of a Grigori hiding out there. On the way, he spotted Eldarian ships under attack, and managed to rescue Arumat P. Thanatos from his damaged ship. However, when he returned to Aeos, the exploration base was in ruins. It just so happened that Edge, Reimi, and their allies were also on Aeos, ambushed by Phantoms. After he and Arumat wiped out the remaining Phantoms, Crowe finally ran into Edge and Reimi once again, but then Myuria attacked Crowe, claiming he killed her husband. Just as Myuria was about to kill Crowe, he stopped her and began to relay Lucien's final message. After explaining the truth behind what happened that day, Crowe apologized to Myuria, and Myuria collapsed onto her knees in tears.

Shortly after, Crowe explained to Edge and the rest of his crew the truth behind the Grigori, and Arumat told Faize that Eldar was no more. In order to calm him down, Crowe told Faize that while Eldar had ceased to be, the other Eldarians were still alive and that their evacuation ships were orbiting Aeos along with the Aquila. Before he could say anything else, Crowe received a transmission saying that the Eldarian refugee ships were under attack. Edge then offered to eliminate the Grigori on Aeos while suggesting that Crowe protect the Eldarians. Before he leaves, Crowe offers a few words of encouragement to Edge and receives Myuria's forgiveness, and Faize offers to go with Crowe to ensure that his Eldarian brethren would be safe. Arumat then takes Faize's place in Edge's crew.

However, while attempting to fend off the Phantom assailants who were attacking the Eldarians, Crowe found himself powerless, as the Phantoms attacked with increasing ferocity as more and more Eldarian ships were destroyed. Distressed, Faize ran out of the Bridge and boarded the Sol, in a desperate attempt to save his brethren. Crowe tried to stop him, but it was too late.

Later on, during the assault on Nox Obscurus, Crowe runs into Edge and his crew again on the battlefield. His ship badly damaged, his entire crew dead, and beaten up himself. In order to help Edge and company enter Nox Obscurus, which was guarded by a manifestation of the Missing Procedure. Crowe came up with a plan -- using the technology he had, he would turn his ship into a black hole. Edge is against that idea, knowing what would happen to Crowe. Edge tries to convince Crowe to rethink his plan, but Crowe refuses and bids farewell to his closest friend. He then executes his plan, which is a complete success. The Aquila becomes a black hole, sucking the Guardian into itself and allowing Edge and company safe passage into Nox Obscurus. Afterward, Crowe is nowhere to be found, and is presumed dead.


In the hidden "Crowe ending", which is obtained by viewing Reimi's, Meracle's, and Sarah's endings as well as four specific Private Actions, Crowe finds himself on Roak sometime after the events of Nox Obscurus. There he meets Eleyna Farrence who tells him that she has predicted that he will marry her, although nothing really seems to happen after that. This ending is open to interpretation; however, it is heavily implied that he did, in fact, marry her, leading to popular speculations that Crowe is, in fact, the ancestor of Roddick Farrence. Another evidence is that according to Meracle (in one private action) the romance between Eleyna and a stranger washed ashore is depicted in the most popular part of the legend of 'Eleyna and the Feline Gourmand'. This also unlocks "Crowe's Ending".

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Availability: Gacha Permanent

Role: Attacker ACE 5☆ to 6☆

Weapon: Dual Swords


  • All-Mighty - ATK +35% (All Allies) / ATK +55% (All Attackers)
  • Charismatic of SRF - Critical Rate +40% when behind Target (All Allies)
  • Result of Practice - Talon Pierce and Tri Zapper Damage +150% when over 3 chain or +300% when over 5 chain (Self)
  • Mister Perfect - AP Regen from Normal Attacks +100% when HP is 100% (Self)

Rush Combo: Flash S Alternative - AP Consumption -80% (Self 5 seconds) Power: ATK x 3,500% Max Hit Count: 13


  • Dextral Edge 14 AP - Power: ATK x 150% Max Hit Count: 2
  • Sinistral Edge 14 AP - Power: ATK x 150% Max Hit Count: 2
  • Talon Pierce 20 AP - Power: ATK x 200% Max Hit Count: 2 Element: Fire
  • Tri Zapper 21 AP - Power: ATK x 230% Max Hit Count: 6

LB 10 Level 70 Status:

  • HP: 15,750
  • ATK: 2,730
  • INT: 1,523
  • DEF: 1,983
  • HIT: 1,120
  • GRD: 833

Family Tree

Roddick Tree


  • Unlike Edge and Reimi, who gain their powers as a result of Project Hope; which is revealed in the storyline. Crowe's special ability is never actually explained. However, it is slightly implied through cutscenes that he may have the ability to enhance the performance of weaponry or machinery in general.
  • Crowe is the only non-playable character to have his own ending.


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