Cyuss Warren is one of the main characters of the first Star Ocean, as well as its remake, Star Ocean: First Departure.


Beneath his boorish manner, Cyuss is a "friendly rival" type of character who recognizes Roddick's potential. Due to a spat he had with his father Lias prior to the story, he travels the world in the hopes of becoming stronger so he can face his father once again, to show that he has changed.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

Cyuss is first encountered in Haute, when he warns Roddick and Ilia that the swords they are buying are cheap imitations. After he runs off, the two find him in the local shops, taking on the delivery job they had their eyes on. Cyuss says he'll tag along with the two of them to help in the delivery, and they go to Portmith to get the item.

Upon returning the item to Haute, Roddick asks Cyuss if he would like to join them or not.


FD Cyuss Warren

Cyuss is well versed in the ways of the sword. Much like Ashlay, many of his Special Arts are shared with Roddick. Many of his weapons are elemental based, which is both a vantage and a disadvantage depending on the situation.


Name MP Cost Level/SFT Learned
Shockwave Swirl 3 Default
Spirit Strike 4 13
Double Slash 8 17
Thunderclap Blade 5 21
Firestorm Blade 6 27
Lightray Blade 10 31
Omega Firestorm Blade 17 (Firestorm Blade + Omega SFT)
Omega Thunderclap Blade 22 (Thunderclap Blade + Omega SFT)
Omega Double Slash 24 (Double Slash + Omega SFT)
Tortoise Surge 35 (Spirit Strike + Four Beasts SFT)
Tiger Surge 27 (Shockwave Swirl + Four Beasts SFT)
Dragon Surge 27 (Lightray Blade + Four Beasts SFT)

Family Tree



  • If the player recruits Cyuss, it becomes impossible to recruit Ashlay Bernbeldt and, by an indirect extension, Erys Jerand.
  • In the PSP version only, if Cyuss has a high enough affection rating for Roddick, Cyuss will challenge you to one final duel before he jumps back into the Time Gate at the end. Winning or losing changes nothing except the dialogue.
  • Cyuss is one of two characters whose favorite food (in his case, Tropical Melody) requires a character age 20 or older to make (the other being Ilia).
  • His Japanese voice actor, Hiroki Touchi, is a regular in the series, voicing a playable character in every entry to date.


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