"There're no taverns in this city. It's not that they don't like to have fun here, it's just they're not interested in taverns. This won't do. This won't do at all. I can't work in such a foolish place!"
—--Damda Mooda in Aquios.

Damda Mooda is an Inventor in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. A drunkard who just walks the street of Aquios, Damda has a rather tragic past.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Damda once created a unique cooking style all his own but when he tried to open a restaurant using this style he failed miserably and became a homeless drunk. When Fayt found him in an ally, he was drunk and wanted more to drink. Fayt offered him his favorite drink so he was more than glad to help out.


  • Skills: Level 9 Cooking
  • Time: +0%
  • Cost: +10%
  • Recruited with: Winking Sage Cider
Can Invent
Discordant Dessert Umeboshi
Curry Rice Umai-Bo 7
Umai-Bo 8 Tasteless Stew
Gelatinous Potion Petite Sirloin
Itty-Bitty Steak Super-Sweet Curry
Grilled Tuna Head Soft-Shelled Turtle
Watermelon Bar Golden Curry
Spicy Cake Cheap Sashami
Otoro Tough Steak
Prehistoric Meat Memmoth Meat
Jumbo Pot Stickers Blue Moon Cider
Joyful Bandit Cider Silver Scepter Cider
Fiery Cyclops Cider Broken Prophet Cider
Brass Demon Cider Howling Fox Cider
Lord's Ozoni Hungry Harpy Cider
Legendary Otoro Growling Fist Cider
Ultimate Ramen Golden Natto
Handmade Soba Luscious Oysters
Supreme Dorayaki Pie

Dictionary Entry

A sybarite who is more than meets the eye. While chopping wood in the mountains with his buddies, Damda learned a method of cooking that he decided to make his own, referring to it by the absurd name of Damda Casserole. He then started his own restaurant in an attempt to sell this cuisine, failed miserably, and went bankrupt in the blink of an eye. Perhaps the tragic end to Damda's story should come as no surprise. Anyone can bang together a casserole out of vegetables, mushrooms, and whatever flavorings are at hand.

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