The Dasvanu is a Vendeeni ship under the command of Supreme Commander Biwig. One of the most powerful ships the Vendeen control, it has won many battles, and easily rivals even the best Pangalactic Federation ships.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Biwig uses the Dasvanu to engage the Diplo, where he makes his demands: exchange Fayt Leingod for Sophia Esteed and Robert Leingod. While the two parties are on Elicoor II making the exchange, the Dasvanu begins teleporting down reinforcements to Biwig, who has betrayed the party. It then attacks the Diplo in order to make sure they didn't interfere.

However, it the Battleship Aquaelie eventually reached the area, and took down the Dasvanu. Before it blew up, the Vendeeni ship teleported Biwig back down to Elicoor II.

Dictionary Entry

The ship belonging to Biwig, the supreme commander of the planet Vendeen. The Dasvanu was constructed with extremely advanced technology that even surpasses that of the Pangalactic Federation and the Aldian Empire, and boasts offensive and defensive capabilities that rank among the best in the galaxy.

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