The power of Destruction is one of the 3 powers required to fight the 4D Beings, along with Alteration and Connection. Destruction does what the name implies: it causes great destruction to anything it is directed against in both the Eternal Sphere and in Fourth-Dimensional Space. It is also capable of altering the universes physical laws, and allows the party to use their spells and battle skills in 4D space.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Dr. Robert Leingod decided that the child who would receive the Destruction gene would be his own son, Fayt. While the process was successful, Fayt was never told of the great power in him, and his father raised him normally.

While Fayt was on Vanguard III, the selfish statements said by Norton caused part of Fayt's power to awaken, confusing the Rezerbian. However, before this power could manifest any further, Cliff walked in and distracted Fayt, causing the power to subside. Although, after the escape from Airyglyph, it theoretically re-manifested as a headache.

On Elicoor II, as the Vendeeni cruiser attacked, the sheer magnitude of the situation caused the destruction power in Fayt to awaken, launching a beam of light that destroyed the cruiser and knocked Fayt out. Afterwards, Fayt wakes up in Castle Aquaria unaware of what he had done.

When Maria arrives, she explains Robert Leingod's research to Fayt and demonstrates with her power of Alteration.

Dictionary Entry

Part 1

A mysterious power given to Fayt by the team of Dr. Leingod, Fayt's father.

Part 2

A power given to Fayt for use in the battle against the 4D beings. The power of destruction applies the physical laws of the Eternal Sphere in order to manipulate the space surrounding the user, even when it is used in 4D space. If this power were to be used inside the Eternal Sphere itself, it could actually alter the physical laws of that universe.

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