He was a childhood friend of Rena, but a certain incident has left a deep scar within him. Traveling in search of strength, he became a vagrant swordsman. Cool-headed and unable to trust others, his skills as a swordsman are considered to be the greatest.
—Official site description

Dias Flac (ディアス・フラック, Diasu Furakku?) is one of the main characters in Star Ocean: The Second Story and its remake Star Ocean: Second Evolution, later reappearing in Star Ocean: Blue Sphere.


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Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Dias was born and raised in Arlia, and is Rena's childhood friend. He thinks of Rena as his "other little sister" since she would often play with Dias's younger sister, Cecille.

Two years prior to the events of the storyline, Dias and his family were attacked by bandits. His parents and sister died, and Dias himself was badly injured, but he managed to survive. After that incident, however, his life changed: he came to believe he was somehow responsible for the death of his family, for not being able to protect them. Dias then left Arlia and travelled all over Expel, becoming a renowned swordsman.

Dias is met for the first time in Marze, when the children of Marze are held captive in the Forest of Symbols and a plan is being devised to rescue them. As it turned out, Dias was hired to attempt to rescue the children. If Rena is the chosen protagonist, Dias will join temporarily to help Rena carry out the rescue mission. After the events that unfold, Dias says to Claude that he anticipates the day their swords will cross, and he heads off again.

Dias Enters Lacour Arena

Dias enters Lacuer Arena.

Dias later reappears in Lacuer during the Lacuer Armory Contest, in which he is a participant. It is then that Dias and Claude finally face off against each other. Not surprisingly, Claude loses the fight against Dias. Nevertheless, Dias acknowledges his strength, and says he looks forward to seeing him again.

Near the end of the first half of the game, at the Lacuer Front Line Base, Dias runs into Claude and Rena once again. If Claude is the protagonist, he and Dias will ensue in a short conversation, after which Dias asks Claude to protect Rena for him, and then he leaves. If Rena is the chosen protagonist, however, the player can opt to make Dias a permanent addition to the party.

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere

Dias Blue Sphere

Dias in SD 368.

Little is known about where Dias went during the two years between the games. It is likely he reverted to his old ways of wandering the world alone, looking to better himself and his sword.

Precis manages to find him and ask him to join the cause. Dias then volunteers to join, so that he may protect them himself. He mostly joins out of duty to Rena, wanting to continue to protect her.

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He may not like dealing with others, but he causes chaos everywhere he goes regardless.
—Celine Jules on Dias

An expressionless swordsman, Dias' eyes sparkle with a cold light. He is cold, callus, and arrogantly proud. The blue-haired warrior enjoys practicing his own unique swordfighting style that he developed himself, meshing the Edarl sword style with the martial arts of Karate. Disliking bandits and robbers with a hatred born of the murders of his family, Dias enjoys simple pleasures such as food and sleep.

Dias' favorite instrument is the Cembalo, while his favorite foods are Chicken Skewer (in Second Story) and Shish Kebab (in Second Evolution).


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Dias uses a fighting style very similar to iaido, the Japanese sword-based martial art associated with unsheathing and re-sheathing one's sword for quick-draw-based strikes. He is often considered the most powerful character in the game, tied with Claude, Ashton and Welch. All his stats are very high (although his CON is much lower than Claude's), while also being a notably mobile character, having the second highest faster movement speed (after Chisato).

Most of his Special Arts are fast and deadly, usually with a low MP consumption, and reach their Top Proficiency fast, meaning they achieve full potential in short time; however, Dias tends to fall a bit behind in damage output compared to other fighters as many of his Arts lack high multi-hit properties. His normal ground attack has one of the highest ranges, although a slow start-up. Among his notable Arts are Air Slash, which is much faster than Claude's, being the staple of his gameplay until the end of the game; and Deadly Illusion, which is the fastest Special Art in the game.

In Second Story, the accessories Meteor Ring and Slayer Ring had no effect on Dias. This has been fixed in Second Evolution.

In the remake version when the player controls Dias during random battles, Dias can slash his opponent three times.

Special Arts

Name MP Cost Level/Item Learned Top Proficiency
Air Slash 4 Default -
Chaos Sword 5 Default 150
Crescent Cross
(Cross Wave)
8 Default 120
Pale Moonlight (Crescent Wave) 10 Default 130
Gale Thrust 10 40 130
Moonlight Arc (Crescent Moon Flash) 13 48 100
Phoenix Drive
(Hawk Scream Blast)
16 56 100
Full Moon Slash 25 63 100
Deadly Illusion (Illusion) 21 70 420
Phoenix Blast
(Firebird Shock Wave)
30 78 200

Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Standard Dias

Cherry Cloud Dias

Family Tree

Dias Tree


The Second Story/Second Evolution
Blue Sphere
Material Trader


  • Dias cannot join the party unless the player selects Rena for the playthrough.
  • Some time during Dias' and Rena's youth, the young swordsman gave Rena a tiara made of grass as a gift.
  • In Second Evolution only, Dias can keep his Swallowblade sword after the Lacuer Armory Contest (it was originally named Sharpness in The Second Story).
  • Originally, in The Second Story, there were no PA's whatsoever that involved Dias. This has been changed in Second Evolution, where he has PA's added.
  • Dias' voice actor, Kyle Hebert, is also the voice actor of both Crowe F. Almedio and Arumat P. Thanatos from Star Ocean: The Last Hope.
    • Likewise, Dias in the original Star Ocean 2 shares his Japanese voice actor with Bowman Jeane.