Dion Landers

Dion Landers is a young man, who is Elena Frahm's right-hand man. He is the Chief Researcher of Runological Weapon Development for Aquaria.


When Fayt and Cliff first meet him, he is surprised that they are so young, though they counteract with the fact that they are surprised he is Chief Researcher at such a young age, though Dion himself believes himself only an apprentice in comparison to Elena.

Dion is also the childhood friend of Ameena Leffeld. When Dion hears that Ameena is in Aquaria and is ill, he rushes off to her side and they have a happy reunion. He promises her that after this war is over, he will be by her side and they will have time to talk and catch up. Unfortunately, this was not to happen, as Dion was injured in the Vendeeni attack and it wasn't looking good. He managed to speak with Ameena before he died and the grief and stress of his death caused Ameena to die immediately afterwards.
Dion and Ameena

Ameena and Dion's reunion

Dictionary Entry

The young assistant of Elena Frahm, head of the Runological Weapon Research Facility of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria. Unlike his boss Elena, Dion is a dependable and hard-working person, and is highly skilled at applying existing technology in order to build things.

On the other hand, Dion lacks creativity, and suffers from an inability to do more than build according to preexisting models.

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