"His Grace truly was a man of exceptional ability, but he was calculating, suspicious, and never one for cooperating with others. Those are not traits of a true leader of men. But were it not for his deeds, I suppose our kingdom would not be as rich as it is today. Even so... I doubt that Duke Vox will be fondly remembered but the people of this kingdom and their descendants."
—Sturdy Old Crone in Kirlsa.
Duke Vox

Duke Vox ( 公爵.ヴォックス ) is the captain of Airyglyph's Dragon Brigade and the main antagonist for the early portions of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. A manipulative man, he wants to keep the war between Aquaria and Airyglyph going for as long as he can. He has the power to issue royal commands as well. He is the head of the Peacekeeping Force that reported and arrested the Church of Apris members that were supposedly planning to assassinate the King.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

It was because of Vox that the war between Airyglyph and Aquaria lasted as long as it did, with Vox constantly pushing for more attacks, despite the objections of Count Woltar. However, since Vox was the King's uncle, his advice took precedence over all others.

After Albel let the party escape from the Kirlsa Training Facility and failed to stop them from taking the Copper Ore, Vox ordered that he be put in the dungeon for treason.

Eventually Vox started the push towards Arias, taking the entire Airyglyph army with him. The party confronted him in the hopes that would stop him, but just as they were about to finish him off a laser strike from a Vendeeni cruiser killed him instantly.

Dictionary Entry

The uncle of Airyglyph XIII, the current King of Airyglyph, as well as the captain of the Dragon Brigade, Airyglyph's aerial assault unit. Having survived Airyglyph XIII's major reformation, Vox certainly possesses considerable skills, but since he disdains the pride and honor of knights, and will do absolutely anything to win, he does not get along very well with people who put the pride of a warrior first, such as the captain of the Storm Brigade. Incidentally, Vox does not get along with Albel (the captain of the Black Brigade) either, but this seems to be simply a case of two strong personalities butting heads.

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