Durss FD

The town of Durss.

Durss is a location in the Silvalant Continent on the planet Roak. It is a poor town in bad shape that has suffered with the constant attacks from the Demon World.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

Durss - WM

Durss in the World Map.

On their way to Silvalant City, Roddick and his friends notice that Durss is a small town with an heavy atmosphere, due to the demon attacks aimed for the town.

Later, after collecting all the Emblems and meeting with the King of Van in the Van y Ille City, the party learns that Durss has been completely decimated by Asmodeus' new weapon.


The Rusty Dagger
Item Cost
Longsword 100
Saber 300
Two-handed Sword 500
Rod 100
Brass Knuckles 200
Handy Stick 200
Padded Armor 300
Silk Robe 200
Martial Arts Outfit 1200
Silk Robe 100
Leather Helmet 80
Round Shield 180
Leather Greaves 100
Boots 80
The Empty Potion
Item Cost
Blueberries 50
Blackberries 180
Aquaberries 70
Antidote 100
Paralysis Cure 100
Stone Cure 100
Resurrection Elixir 500
Flare Bomb 180
Spectacles 10
Harmonica 800

Bread for the Needy
Item Cost
Grains 150
Fruit 80
Vegetables 20
Meat 50
Geletinous Slime 100

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