The town of Eckdart.

Eckdart, also known as Ecdart, is a port town in the Silvalant Continent in Roak. It is a rich town, full of merchants, and the only port town of the Kingdom of Van. Mt. Eckdart lies west of this town.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

Eckdart - WM

Eckdart on the world map.

Roddick Farrence and Ilia Silvestri arrive to Eckdart from Tropp, and find Millie in town. Overjoyed, they ask for Ronyx's whereabouts, and she explains he headed to Ionis with Mavelle, a woman they found on their travels on the Silvalant continent.

After this, they head there, in search of the captain.

Character Recruitment Changes

  • If the player has recruited Cyuss alone, Ashlay alone, a combination of Cyuss and Ioshua, or neither of said characters, Millie rejoins at Eckdart at level 30. Otherwise, she will only join at Silvalant City, at level 40.


Oroshi the Peddler
Item Cost
Blueberries 50
Blackberries 180
Aquaberries 70
Medicine Bottle 300
Resurrection Elixir 500
Artemis Leaf 320
Wolfsbane 150
Lavender 35
Athelas 800
Pet Food 10
Spectacles 10
Magic Canvas 300
Magic Clay 300
Keen Kitchen Knife 4000

Nectar of the Gods
Item Cost
Root Beer 300
Bloody Driver 300
Fire in the Sky 900
Luxury Grape Juice 218000

Golden Wisdom
Item Cost
Knowledge 3 2700
Sense 3 2700
Technical 3 3600
Combat 2 1600
The Jewel in Her Eye
Item Cost
Ruby 600
Sapphire 600
Green Beryl 2000
Crystal 2000
Diamond 3000
Silver 300
Gold 300
Brooch 2500
Necklace 500
Iron 150

Dibson Instruments
Item Cost
Feather Pen 20
Conductor Baton 100
Harmonica 800
Pipe Organ 5000
Lyre 12000
Cembalo 16000
Violin 50000
Piano 80000
Mystical Shamisen 100000
Silver Trumpet 300000


  • Spectacles

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