Eldar is an overdeveloped planet from the Eldar System and homeplanet to Eldarians. Being an overdeveloped society, Eldarians possess a great talent in the scientific and artistic sectors, as well as knowledge on Symbology, but it is not comparable to the contemporary Symbological culture, as of S.D. 12, of other planets, such as Roak and Lemuris. There also is a great military force in place in the home planet. Eldar's culture is very old, and it has developed faster-than-light travel centuries before its contact with Earth around the 2080's.


In the 2080's, Eldar and Earth first established contact. At first, the simplest communication was a great challenge, but after great effort, the Earthling government succeeded in communicating with Eldar. This alliance would be held in the greatest secrecy by the Earthling government. Eldar also provided a lot of technology aid to Earth, including life-support technology in order to aid life on the overpolluted Earth and, later, Earth's first method of faster-than-light travel: Subspace Warp.

Eldar is obliterated by its star's red giant expansion in S.D. 12. This is due to the influence of the Missing Procedure, which sped up the rate at which its star was expanding into a red giant. At the time of its destruction, the Missing Procedure deployed swarms of Phantoms to halt any struggle for survival, attacking the evacuating Eldarian Fleet.