Elena Frahm is the Leader of the First Runological Weapon Development Division of the kingdom of Aquaria.


Fayt and Cliff are introduced to Elena after arriving into Aquaria and she subsequently introduced them to Dion Landers, who they worked with on the Thunder Arrow. They find her a pleasant, if somewhat eccentric, woman, who is said to be adept at creating new ideas, but not terribly good at applying to them to practical use; it may be read on her shelves, however, that she has, in fact, applied runology to such mundane tasks as cooking, though in ways which seem far less-practical than doing the task without it.

She is later shown during a sidequest to have harboured feelings for the King of Airyglyph, who asks Fayt to deliver a letter to her. Upon receiving his message, she tears it to pieces and appears annoyed that he has not come to visit her in person; although she does not appear to be angry, Elena is visibly frustrated with him, making clear that her old feelings are far from gone.

Dictionary Entry

The woman in charge of the Runological Weapon Research Facility of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.

Elena is carefree and careless, and people say that without her assistant Dion, she wouldn't even be able to handle her own day-to-day tasks, let alone manage the entire facility.

On the other hand, she is also without doubt an ingenious runologist with many novel, inspired ideas.

Elena's knowledge may be strangely uneven, but in the areas where she is proficient, she exhibits genius that is second to none.

As a larger-than-life woman with no interest whatsoever in the positions and titles people hold, Elena has been known to refer to Airyglyph XIII, the king of the Kingdom of Airyglyph himself, as "Arzy", in spite of his lofty position on the continent of Gaitt.


  • Elena Frahm is speculated to be a Fourth-Dimensional Being since, not only do her lines in Nel Zelpher's solo ending seem to hint that she is, but also owing to that she is named after the Elicoorian goddess Elena, which does not appear to be common practice in Aquaria. If she is a fourth-dimensional being, she may very well have chosen to remain owing to her past with the then-prince of Airyglyph, for whom she is shown to still possess a strong attachment.
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