Eleyna Farrence is a minor character in Star Ocean: The Last Hope. She is a Fellpool tarot card reader from Roak. She is a distant ancestor to Roddick Farrence, from Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey and Star Ocean: First Departure.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Eleyna with Meracle

Eleyna and Meracle from the Star Ocean: The Last Hope artbook.

Eleyna is first mentioned to the party in Astral City just after rescuing Sarah Jerand. She says that she is her friend who lives in Tropp. She is of course a powerful sage and is respected throughout the land. After certain trials with the Stone sickness Sarah is kidnapped. They think that she was taken to the Purgatorium so they set off there. When they get inside it is blocked off and remember that Eleyna was mentioned before so they go to Tropp. Although in her house it is burnt down by Asmodeus worshippers and the party is teleported into an underground cave where they meet her. Meracle respected Eleyna very much but was greatly disappointed when she turned out to be arrogant. Eleyna is very egotistical and knows she is loved. She helps out the party though by giving them the secret to getting through the Purgatorium. They leave her after she says she needs rest after her future sights are performed.

In Crowe's ending, Eleyna finds Crowe in the beach near her home, and informs him they will marry and have children, making Crowe an ancestor of Roddick.

Family Tree



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