"The denziens of this planet are really something, They're really strong and have a fairly advanced understanding of symbology. Oh yeah, they call it runology here, don't they? Wonder why a planet of such advanced species has such a low level of development? "
—Cliff Fittir

Elicoorians are the main race of Elicoor II. They aren't that much different from Earthlings, but their eyes are highly developed, allowing them to see Symbological currents, making them excellent Symbology users.

Notable Elicoorians

Dictionary Entry

Humans living on Elicoor II, primarily found in the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria and the military superpower of Airyglyph. Although Elicoorians look exactly like Earthlings at first glance, they are a completely different race. The most distinguishing characteristic of Elicoorians is a special ability of their eyes--they are able to visually recognize fluctuations in Symbological force. The precision with which an individual can discern Symbological fluctuations depends on their genetic makeup. Holy Mothers, who have the greatest concentration of this power, are able to see the workings of symbols in every living or non-living bodies or activity within their field of vision. This is why the Elicoorians possess symbological technology that greatly exceeds their general level of civilization.

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