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Emmerson T. Kenny is the captain of the starship Charles D. Goale G and its predecessor, the Charles D. Goale.


Emmerson T. Kenny is a captain in the Pangalactic Federation, leading the crew of the Charles D. Goale to investigate the activities of Kronos, an organization involved in dangerous and illegal genetic experiments.

Emmerson is quite the flirt and an is often seen hitting on party members, especially Fiore Burnelli during Private Action scenes while traveling Faykreed. He is also very fond of alcohol and discusses his drinking habits with the party.

Joining the Party

Surrounded by Kronos operatives protected by advanced shielding technology, Fidel's troupe is nearly defeated until Emmerson and Anne appear and disable the enemies' shields. From then on, Emmerson becomes a party member who routinely moves in and out of the group as the story progresses.

Although he attempts to conceal his origins, Emmerson is quickly forced to violate the Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact in his attempts to defeat Kronos and protect Relia.


In battle, Emmerson wields a crossbow, making him the party's designated long range physical damage dealer. He has several attack skills, often low in damage, but high in hit count, designed to damage and overwhelm the enemy from afar. Due to his high accuracy and long range, his normal weak attacks are ideal for stun/fog bonuses, making him a great crowd controller.

Many of Emmerson's Battle Skills share names and animations with the abilities of Reimi Saionji (Star Ocean: The Last Hope), although the names of some have been changed.

Special Arts

Name MP Cost Skill


Sound Spike 7 CQC Program Alpha Shoot an arrow-shaped projectile formed from untold amounts of energy that flies straight and true through any victims in its path.
Seraphic Thunder 7 CQC Program Beta Loose an arrow into the sky, causing countless bolts of lightning to descend upon the surrounding area and possibly paralyze enemies.
Red Rain 13 CQC Program Gamma Loose Myriad arrows in rapid succession that burn with crimson fury. The resulting projectile hail strikes all enemies within a straight line.
Gravity Bullet 19 CQC Program Delta Fire an extremely dense, slowly moving projectile that draws nearby enemies toward it as it plods forward.
Hunter's Moon 19 CQC Program Epsilon Fire a projectile that causes your target to flinch, and then morphs into a scad of arrows that all strike him at once.
Crescent Wings 23 CQC Program Zeta Crouch and then unleash a wide, crescent-shaped projection that slices enemies to shreds.
Heavenly Flight 21 CQC Program Eta Jump high into the air and shoot a beam of light at the ground below. The beam will explode upon impact, injuring any nearby enemies.
Avian Rage 27 CQC Program Theta Uncage projectile concentrations of acrimony that relentlessly track their target like a flock of enraged sparrows.

Reserve Rush

Emmerson's reserve rush attack is "Energy Burst".


Emmerson about to unleash his energy burst

For this attack, Emmerson charges his phaser and unleashes it on all surrounding enemies, creating pillars of energy around Emmerson for very high damage.

Emmerson's reserve rush is ideal for defeating a cluster of enemies that are very close to him, such as when the team's melee fighters are defeated and enemies rush towards him.

However, due to the low number of hits, the attack tends to be weaker against later game bosses because although the hits deal large amounts of damage, there are few, making the attack's maximum damage (with all hits) fairly low.



Emmerson is repeatedly referred to as "a Kenny" with many referencing him trying to live up to his name. Because of this, it is likely that Emmerson is related to Claude C. Kenny, Ronyx J. Kenny, and Stephen D. Kenny.

Family Tree




  • Emmerson alludes to being the bloodline of the "Hero of Light," in a victory quote, heavily implying himself to be a direct descendant of Claude C. Kenny. This would also make him related to Ronyx J. Kenn, Stephen D. Kenny, Ilia Silvestri, and Rena Lanford.
  • It is also implied that Emmerson is a direct descendant of Rena Lanford, who becomes impregnated by Claude in one of the many endings of Star Ocean: Second Evolution. This implication is supported by both Emmerson's light blue eyes and blue hair; something he shares with Rena.
  • While Emmerson is a flirt, it seems none of the women he has a fling with stick around, as stated in a Private Action with Fiore Brunelli.
  • Emmerson is quite the alcoholic, both partaking and encouraging other members of the party, such as Fidel Camuze, to drink both in moderation and sometimes without worry. His love for alcohol draws comparison to Ilia Silvestri, who just so happens to be implied to be Claude C. Kenny's mother.

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