En II is an artificial planet built by the Morphus. Using 3.7 billion years of planetary knowledge, En II is considered to be their crowning achievement in the field of technology and science. Widely hailed throughout the galaxy as the top class civilization level, the planetoid has the ability to move anywhere in space and boasts a localized teleportation system for living beings. To maintain efficient energy usage and environment throughout En II, production and breakdown of consumables are controlled. En II's main demographic area is the Centropolis, located under En II's strategic center of operations, the Center Control Room.


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After enduring a Phantom and defeating Armaros Manifest on Aeos, the Calnus' crew heads for En II, Bacchus D-79 and Myuria Tionysus's home. Upon reaching to En II, the crew is welcomed by Giotto Vandione, En II's overseer and Ex's spokesman.

Edge Maverick is welcomed to contact with Ex, En II's leader, which explains the crew about the Phantoms, the Grigori and the root of these unlimited forces, the Missing Procedure. Meanwhile, a Grigori infiltrates En II, invading its Sanctuary. The party then heads for the Sanctuary, engaging battle with the powerful Kokabiel, who uses the Grigori's knowledge to knockout the party. However, Reimi Saionji's special ability allows her to overcome her semi-comatose state, which leads to Kokabiel's demise.

After defeating the Grigori invasion, the crew returns to Ex, who developed an operation to sever the Missing Procedure's influence on the Universe: an all-out attack on Nox Obscurus. Giotto then moves En II to the Solar System, Nox Obscurus' next target.



  • Several similarities between the two worlds, in specific the resemblance of Morphus and Nedians, the four gems of En II's Sanctuary, Psynards and the use of "Stab the Sword of Justice" in Star Ocean: The Last Hope has lead many fans to believe that En II is actually an abbreviation of Energy Nede II.
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