"Energy Nede is a planet rich in culture and technology. I can't see how much more advanced it can get."
Centropolis citizen on Energy Nede.

Energy Nede is an overdeveloped planet whose government ruled the universe 3.7 billion years ago by science and economy, living in a utopia. It is located in the Theta Sector, near the Arcura System, which it crosses every 7000 years.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

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Nede ruled the universe/40 planets 4 billion years ago, but one day, they got tired of the Civilization and started a secret rebellion against Nede.They were just waiting for the right time to strike. At that time,there was a person named Doctor Lantis who was making the 10 Wise Men.Ten biological weapons with overwhelming symbological power, meant to oversee the Nedian colonies. Doctor Lantis had a daughter named Filia. Then one day, Filia got killed by the rebellion started by the ruled planets of Nede. Confused into rage Dr. Lantis reprogrammed the 10 Wise Men from Ruling the Universe to Destroying it. After much destruction caused by Ten Wise Men, Including the death of Reema, Rena's Mother. The L' Aqua forces were able to stop the 10 Wise Men and banished them into space.

The destruction caused by the Ten Wise Men let the rebel organizations to organize themselves and uproar in a revolution against Nede. These wars led the population of Nede to hide itself from the rest of the universe, not only afraid of the rebel revolution, but also that its knowledge, specially on the field of Symbology, could bring more chaos to the universe. For these reasons, they created an artificial home, Energy Nede, and cast a potent Class 9 energy shield in form of a huge energy mass to prevent any interaction with the exterior.

Unfortunately, in S.D. 366, the Ten Wise Men broke free of their prison, landing on planet Expel, and by their influence, the planet's orbit was changed, only for it to approach Energy Nede, in order to enable the Ten Wise Men to teleport themselves to their planet. Unfortunately, the clash between Expel and the energy mass surrounding Energy Nede caused the destruction of the underdeveloped planet.

Nede Destroyed

Centropolis is destroyed.

The Ten Wise Men also gained possession of the Symbol of Annihilation, and turned Fienal into their own stronghold. With this power, they attempted to destroy the universe, but Claude C. Kenny and Rena Lanford, along with their friends defeated them. However, they were unable to stop the action of the Symbol of Annihilation, and by using the Symbol of Divinity, They were able to stop the destruction of the unvierse but the power of the Symbol of Annihilation is not stopped.Therefore, the powerful energy from the Symbol will be contained inside Nede and its Shield, leaving Rena Lanford (Chisato Madison and Noel Chandler) as the last of their kind. During that time they used the power from all cities including the newly dominated Fienal to bring back Expel to the Current time. After a few moments, the party is seen in transport bubbles leading to Expel while seeing the destruction of the Inner and Outer Nede.

Energy Nede lives on however, when Rena decides to record the entire history of Energy Nede with the aide of Chisato. The text follows Nedian history up until its 3,700,000.14th year when the Party of the Warrior of Light aided the Nedians in pooling their powers to defeat the Ten Wise Men and shift Expel through space and time. The history book took several years to draft, though it is unknown what happened to the book after it was completed. 

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