The Enforcers, about to intercept the Aquaelie

The Enforcers are a type of Executioner created by Luther Lansfeld. While the Proclaimers are simply messengers, the Enforcers do all the real work, eradicating anything and everything that gets in their way. They come in many sizes, ranging from as small as a human, to as large as a Federation battleship.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

The Enforcers were the initial force used to purge the Milky Way galaxy of the corrupt data. Most of them immediatly went after Federation Stations, and started destroying planets all over the place.

The Battleship Aquaelie had to confront some Enforcers over Planet Styx, and while it managed to destroy one of them, one of the other Enforcers managed to erase the Aquaelie with little effort.

After the party started to resist the Enforcers, Luther unleashed an upgrade, the Convictor.

Dictionary Entry

A type of Executioner that specializes in destruction. Apparently, an Enforcer isn't a single, specific type of Executioner, but rather one of a group of Executioners that has been given a specific mission to perform. Enforcers come in an incredible range of sizes, with lengths ranging from several meters to several thousand kilometers.

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