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Erys Jerand is a Featherfolk female and sister of Ioshua Jerand. She is a character in the first Star Ocean, made playable only in its remake, Star Ocean: First Departure.


Erys is generally upbeat and friendly, but shows occasional glimpses of a more sadistic side when her temper rises, usually to the great bewilderment of onlookers. This may be influenced by her former experience as an assassin, but conversations with her brother Ioshua indicate that she was plucking feathers from his wings long before their separation. She has a fixation with "turning (things) to ash", using variations of the phrase in occasions ranging from gloating over defeating enemies to dogs who growl at her in town. She possesses a great sense of guilt for the lives she has taken in the past, and tries to cope with the burden without troubling others.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Oddysey/First Departure

Erys's parents were murdered by the Crimson Shield, who was really a false Crimson Shield created by the Mirror of Incarnation, and her brother Ioshua was left for dead. She was then abducted and brainwashed into becoming a Demon World assassin by the Crimson Shield's symbologist aide. While most of the children brainwashed in this fashion never returned from their first mission, Erys was successful in murdering several prominent symbologists on the Van continent and earned the name "Deathwing" from its terrified populace.

After a botched assassination attempt on a royal Van symbologist, her would-be victim showed mercy and nursed her back to health. Over the course of her recovery, suppressed memories began to resurface and she realized that she had killed many innocent people during the last few years. Overcome with great shame for her actions, she sought a way to exact revenge upon the Crimson Shield despite being a hunted criminal herself. Using ancient lore given by her newfound friend, she froze her original body inside of the Old Race Ruins and transferred her soul to a Muah vessel, adopting the cover name Mavelle Froesson for her new identity.

If Ioshua and Mavelle are in the party and you visit a certain room in the Old Race Ruins, you will find Erys in a block of ice. At that point, Mavelle destroys the ice preserving her original body, effectively killing herself. However, in First Departure, if Ashlay, Ioshua and Mavelle are in the party at the same time, choosing the second choice ("Help Ioshua") will still cause Mavelle to surrender her Old Race body, getting Erys in return.


Erys, like Ioshua, uses rods as weapons and specializes in healing and offensive Symbology. She sacrifices mid and low tier offensive spells for a wider range of healing and support magic than her brother, while retaining powerful high tier destruction spells. Her preferred elements are Fire and Light, which effect a wide range of creatures despite her lack of resistance diversity.


FD Erys Jerand Screenshot
Name MP Cost Level/Item Learned
Heal 4 Default
Fire Bolt 2 Default
Deep Mist 12 Default
Silence 14 Default
Cure Light 16 Default
Acid Rain 8 Default
Star Light 6 Default
Eruption 16 Default
Delay 18 Default
Cure All 24 Default
Condition Cure 24 Default
Explode 48 Default
Lunar Light 28 Default
Faerie Healing 28 Default
Raise Dead 44 Default
Southern Cross 40 Default
Fix Cloud 12 Default
Faerie Light 28 52
Meteor Swarm 70 (Item, Revorse Tower 2F)
Extinction 60 (Item, Cave of the Seven Stars B15)

Family Tree



  • During recruitment, Mavelle's affection ratings for everyone and vice versa are carried over to Erys.
  • Erys's starting level upon recruitment is level 50, making her the only recruitable character with the highest starting level.
  • Erys and Millie are the only characters in SO1 with a resurrection spell and a status-ailment-curing spell in their arsenal.
  • She is heavily implied to be the niece of the fourth game's Sarah Jerand.

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