Eternal Sphere (Sword)

The Sword of Galactic Powers

The Eternal Sphere is a powerful longsword in Star Ocean: The Second Story and Star Ocean: Second Evolution that can be equipped by Earth Federation Ensign Claude C. Kenni. This sword was a testament to Claude's skill as a swordsmith, as the Earthling customized the Sharp Edge, a blade forged originally by Grandpa Gamgee and given to Claude as a sign of respect by request of Dias after Claude took runner up at the Lacour Tournament of Arms,by adding the legendary magical metal Mithril to the Sharp Edge, creating the Minus Sword, a cursed blade. To complete the process, Claude forged the Minus Sword with another piece of Mithril ore to create the Eternal Sphere. It should be noted that while Claude's sword is not only powerful, but its magical powers help reduce Star, Vaccuum, Light, and Dark elemental damages. The sword's most unique and valuable aspect is its ability to spray stars with each attack. It is one of the best weapons in the game but can be obtained as early as the middle-late events of disk 1. If obtained at this time, the sword will dramatically reduce the difficulty of the game.

A strong, magic sword possessed of the infinite powers of the Universe.

Eternal Sphere Defensive Features

Elemental Defenses

ATK 1600 HIT 70 MAG 0 GUTS 40 STM 0 LUC 0 CRT 25
Factors +Star Elemental Defense +Vaccuum Elemental Defense +Light Elemental Defense +Dark Elemental Defense
Resale 1,300,000 Fol

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