"Sphere's interactive, multiple timespace program, the Eternal Sphere."

The Eternal Sphere is the name of the universe created by the Sphere Corporation, and is the universe where the entire Star Ocean series takes place. Maintained by the Sphere Corporation, the Eternal Sphere is the reason why Sphere is the corporate juggernaut it is today.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

The Eternal Sphere was developed by the Sphere Corporation as a simulator, a parallel universe that any Fourth-Dimensional Being could watch or take part in--the initial design of this simulation was based upon the Sisters in Tiltland multidimensional game. While it had a slow start, thanks to the dedication of its staff, and especially of Luther Lansfeld, the game became a major hit, and developed a small but dedicated fanbase.

When the Milky Way section of the Eternal Sphere started using the forbidden craft of Symbology, it was deemed broken, and a purging of the area was initiated, to ensure that it wouldn't spread and corrupt other galaxies in the Eternal Sphere.

When some of this corrupted data passed into the real world, the Sphere Corporation tried their best to control the situation. While Blair Lansfeld felt that the people of the Eternal Sphere had surpassed anything they could have imagined, Sphere president Luther Lansfeld regarded them still as nothing but data. Terrified that the corruption could not be remedied, Luther went into the Eternal Sphere and decided to wipe the entire universe clean, despite Blair's objections that all the living things in the Eternal Sphere deserved to live.

Fayt and the party fought Luther for their right to live, but even in defeat, Luther still managed to input the deletion codes. While the Eternal Sphere was deleted, the sheer willpower of everyone in it caused it to come back into existence, now free from the grip of people like Luther.

Dictionary Entry

A virtual universe created by the 4D beings that does not actually exist in reality. The Eternal Sphere is the universe of Fayt and everyone he knows.

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