Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Enemy
Ethereal Queen
Ethereal Queen
10,000,000 2,000,000
Level Attack Defense
204 4,000 100
Agility Hit Intelligence
460 2,800 1,200
Location Sphere 211 - Floor 211
Planet 4D World
Resistance Wind, Fire, Water, Earth
Experience 600,000
Fol Dropped 650,000
Items Dropped Spirit of Lilith
Abilities Binding Field
True Judgment
Celestial Star
Anti-Attack Aura Star Guard

The Ethereal Queen appears as a hidden superboss on floor 211 of Sphere 211 in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, and is a hidden boss in several other Tri-Ace games. As a Celestial Being, she is said to possess immense power. The fight with the Ethereal Queen is less difficult than some of the other superbosses, especially given her reputation and her location. Her attacks land fewer hits than other bosses, she moves swiftly but with poor acceleration and she is quite susceptible to interruption, faltering easily to offensive play. If her attack value was assigned to another superboss such as Lenneth or Gabriel, they would immediately be more difficult than the Queen, and in their first encounters, they already are. The Queen's lack of damaging prowess is compensated a little by the range of her attacks, and the variety of status effects they can afflict, as well as one of the most devastating abilities in the game: Celestial Star.

The Ethereal Queen can be fought in two settings, chosen seemingly at random once you initiate the fight. The first and main location takes place inside a Cathedral-esque tower, with brick walls, heavily-lit windows and a massive stained-glass art piece. The second location, known as the Flower Garden, is set amongst sprawling meadows in a very vibrant afternoon. Both arenas, however, are set upon the Queen's floating platform.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Upon defeating Gabriel Celesta and concluding the Maze of Tribulations, he informs the party that the seal has been broken. He is referring to floors 101 - 210 of Sphere 211, which were previously inaccessible. After working their way up the floors of Sphere and facing some of the toughest encounters yet, Fayt and company arrive again at floor 211, however this time the Ethereal Queen is waiting for them. She is impressed at the progress of the party, and mentions an orb she carries that she refuses to hand over. The orb will be revealed as the Angel Orb, used to summon and battle the final superboss Freya. After the party braces for battle, the Queen exclaims that the area is too confining, and teleports the player to one of her two battlefields.

Upon the battle's conclusion, the Queen cries "What will you do once you are the strongest, hmm? Perhaps it is not my place to ask, or perhaps... I already know." She congratulates the party and hands them the Angel Orb, informing them of the 'ultimate misfortune' it contains.


Major Attacks

The Ethereal Queen charges for a couple of seconds, broadcast by the aura of green energy emanating from her. After the charging is done, she releases a green beam of considerable girth.

Only when players are close to her, the Queen initiates a ring attack that activates almost immediately, similar to Lenneth or Freya. As this is Major, this can hurt quite a bit and can catch melee fighters off guard.

Minor Attack

The Queen has only one Minor Attack, however it is easily her favourite move. Activating quickly and travelling even quicker, it consists of a trail of light in a wavy, semi-linear format that extends approximately the length of the field. Cross-shaped symbols appear to form from the light at several intervals along its course, however these don't affect damage. This attack can cause confusion and paralysis.

Binding Field

The Queen locks a character in a force field for a few seconds. Afterwards, she usually teleports to a different spot on the battlefield. Recognising the attack and running or sidestepping quick enough can cause it to miss. Escape is quick, however, and the Queen rarely dishes out punishment to those she catches.

True Judgment

Like Gabriel, the Queen has a True Judgment, although hers has five main animations as opposed to his three, and hits several more times with a larger radius, effectively juggling anybody she catches with it. This attack is Minor, however, and can therefore be guarded.

Celestial Star

Once her health has dropped below half, the Queen has access to her best ability. Celestial Star centers on the field and covers the entire area, leaving almost no safe spots. With the Queen at the center of the map, a hexagonal pattern blankets the floor, while an inner ring and an outer ring of transparent polyhedrons generate. Powerful beams of energy then ricochet with a high velocity between each polyhedron, causing painful explosions upon impact. Any hit from the beams or the explosions can freeze or petrify a character, as well as doing immense damage on top. The game treats petrification as death, and a party of petrified characters can earn a Game Over, so this can be extremely dangerous. Being hit once near the inner ring essentially sets a character up for subsequent hits and harsh punishment. If the Queen manages to start the attack, immediately running to edge of the field amongst the outer ring will significantly reduce damage taken. Avoiding the attack completely is possible, but only by observing the pattern that the explosions trigger in the outer ring. One such play is moving between two certain sweet spots on the bottom left, and the bottom right of the map at certain intervals.

Battle Trophies

Number Name
174 Defeat Ethereal Queen
148 Defeat Ethereal Queen Without Taking Damage
149 Defeat Ethereal Queen Within 10 Minutes
150 Defeat Ethereal Queen on Universe
151 Defeat Ethereal Queen on Universe Without Taking Damage
152 Defeat Ethereal Queen on Universe within 15 Minutes
153 Defeat Ethereal Queen on 4D
154 Defeat Ethereal Queen on 4D Without Taking Damage
155 Defeat Ethereal Queen pn 4D Within 20 Minutes
175 Taunt Ethereal Queen 10 Times
186 Defeat Ethereal Queen Using Only Minor Attacks
195 Defeat Ethereal Queen Using Only Anti-Attack Auras
210 Defeat Ethereal Queen Using Only Battle Skills
215 Defeat Ethereal Queen Alone
275 Defeat Ethereal Queen 5 Times


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