Evelysse (イヴリーシュ, Ivurīshu?), shortened to Eve, is one of the protagonists of Star Ocean: Anamnesis. A young woman with the uncanny ability to use symbology to invoke people from across space and time, she seeks to restore her own memories as she travels with the Captain and Coro.


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Evelysse is first found on the surface of an unnamed planetoid by the Captain upon landing, Someone or something has been chasing her, and our hero recovers her after a tense pursuit renders her unconscious. She uses symbology unheard of by the Pangalactic Federation; through it, Evelysse is able to summon warriors from across history. She has no fighting strength but helps the Captain on an uncertain journey back home to Earth. She is often strong-willed has a strict tone, but that’s because she is considering her friends and those around her. She tells the Captain that she cannot remember her past due to amnesia, but given her dialogue with Coro, it is possible she may have a much younger brother.


Standard Evelysse

Bridal Evelysse

Snow White Evelysse

Beach Evelysse