The Executioners are a powerful force unleashed into the Milky Way Galaxy by the Creator. They come in all shapes and sizes, but all have one goal: the complete eradication of the Milky Way Galaxy.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Upon arriving in Fourth-Dimensional Space, the party is greeted by Flad Garrand, who takes them to his house. It is here the party learns that they are part of the simulator called the Eternal Sphere, and that the Executioners aren't God-like beings, but simply software designed to purge the corrupted Milky Way galaxy, very much like Anti-virus programs. It is revealed that since they use a large amount of data, not very many Executioners can be active in close proximity of each other, or else, like a computer running too many programs, they will slow down, or even freeze.

After ravaging Earth (Planet) the Executioners didn't stay in the sector, instead heading for Tetragenesis or Expel.

Types of Executioners


Resembling angels, these Executioners are not built for battle, but instead warn people of the impending disaster that is about to strike their world. While they aren't as strong as other Executioners, they are still powerful enough to easily defeat most people.


Resembling dragons, the Enforcers are the main attack force, coming in all kinds of shapes. They contain enough power to easily erase Federation ships, but also come in sizes suitable for battling smaller lifeforms.


"We suspect that this new model is using Quadrium Spheres as an internal power source."
Mirage sharing theoretical data on the new Enforcer upgrade.

Resembling fallen angels, the Convictors are upgrades of the Enforcer class. While they lack the gargantuan size of Enforcers, Convictors are even more powerful. They seem to possess a child-like intellect, wanting only to destroy everything in their paths.

Dictionary Entry

Part 1

A mysterious life form that refers to itself as an "instrument of the Creator's condemnation". Executioners represent an unknown power that has suddenly declared war upon Earth, broadcasting the message that Terran civilization has trespassed upon the realm of the Creator Himself. At present, little is known about the Executioners, but there is no doubt that they do possess a high enough level of technology to back up their claim to godhood.

Part 2

The Executioners are a type of anti-bug destruction program sent into the Eternal Sphere by the 4D beings in order to fix major problems that have occurred in the ordered structure of the Milky Way data. Many of the 4D beings who created the Executioners refer to them by nicknames such as "patches" or "worms".

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