"Expellians make up 90 percent of the one billion people living on Expel. As a race, their abilities are extremely close to that of humans, and thus it is believed that they shared a similar evolution pattern. Despite being an underdeveloped civilization, they are considered an academically capable race with intellectual curiosity, due to their grandiose research facilities and universities."
—STAR OCEAN:Second Evolution Official Website.

Expellians are the main inhabitants of the planet Expel, making up ninty percent of the whole population. They don't appear to be much different from Earthlings, but some Expellians do sometimes display feline characteristics, as they are a hybrid species between a race very similar to humans, possibly Nedians and Fellpool. Expelians are supposed to look younger than their actual ages when compared with other races. By SD 772, the bloodlines of the last Nedians--Rena Lanford, Noel Chandler, and/or Chisato Madison--had been absorbed into the Expellian race, manifesting every so often as a long-eared Expellian with symbols imprinted upon his DNA.

Notable Expelians

Dictionary Entry

A hybrid species resulting from the combination of humans living on the planet Expel with the native Felinefolk. The Expellian race's difference from most other sentient races is in its development as a result of a hybridization process involving a number of different sentient life forms over a long period of time. Due to their origins, members of the race have an extremely wide variety of distinguishing characteristics. Only some have tails, and there are many types of ear shapes, eye, and coloration patterns. Incidentally, the children of two Expelian parents with the same recessive gene in the 12th chromosome are known to revert to the ancestral Felinefolk form, so on the planet Expel, a DNA analysis is legally required before marriage. Another noteworthy characteristic of the Expellians is that in extremely rare cases, individuals are born with a powerful natural Symbological ability. These types of Expelians possess an advanced Symbological structure inside their very DNA, and this enables them to use symbology without resorting to inscribing symbols on their bodies. These special Expelians often have a distinguishing characteristic--long ears.

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