Ioshua casts Extinction

Extinction is a recurring Symbology spell in the Star Ocean series. It's one of the most powerful offensive symbols in the games it appears and it consists of a non-elemental symbol which summons thousands of energy rays to hit all the enemies.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

Name MP Cost How to Obtain
Ioshua Jerand 60 B15 of the Cave of the Seven Stars
Erys Jerand

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Extinction Description
Character MP Cost How to Obtain Second Story Second Evolution
Leon D.S. Gehste 90 B5 of the Maze of Tribulations NA NA

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Character Max Level Damage MP Cost CP Cost Acquired Notes
Faize Sheifa Beleth 10 INT x269%-399% 7-16 6 Level 73 Non-elemental attack symbol; Encases the enemy in a ball of light, then releases the energy inside in an explosive blast.
Myuria Tionysus

Extinction can also be cast by using the Symbology Attack Cards Extinction and Extinction +.

Other Appearance

Star Ocean EX

Leon Gehste casts Extinction to annihilate the party's opponents in the battle outside of Eluria Tower in the final episode of the anime.

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