Faerie Light

Millie casting Faerie Light

Faerie Light, also known as Fairy Light, is a recurring Symbology spell in the Star Ocean series. One of the most important spells in the game, it consists of the strongest known rejuvenation symbol which heals the whole party.


Tome of Faerie Light

Upon the many tomes, books, texts, and other documents in the Runological Library of Castle Aquaria in Aquios is the Tome of Faerie Light which explains to the reader about the symbol required to cast the Faerie Light restoration symbol.


Among the purebred faeries in Faerieland, there are several types that lay eggs on living creatures, including humans, Faerie larva that hatch from eggs immediately burrow into the body and start a parasitic relationship with their host. Whenever the host body is damaged, the larva protect themselves by releasing fluid that regenerates it. It is said that Fearie Light emits a specific color of light, thereby summoning faeries. That, of course, is an outright fabrication. After all, it would be far too revolting if it were true.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

Faerie Light
Character MP Cost Level/Item Learned
Millie Chliette 28 Level 52
Erys Jerand

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Faerie Light Description
Character MP Cost Level/Item Learned Second Story Second Evolution
Rena Lanford 40 Level 65 NA NA
Noel Chandler Level 77

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Faerie Light
Character MP




Sophia Esteed 40 33
Adray Lasbard 37

Sophia Esteed learns Fairy Light at level 32 and Adray Lasbard learns it at level 37.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Faerie Light
Character Max Level Damage MP Cost CP Cost Acquired Description
Sarah Jerand 10 NA 30 NA Level 51 HP recovery symbol; Summons a faerie to recover at least 51% of all allies' maximum HP, and increases to 60% at level 10.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

Faerie Light
Character MP




Element Description
Miki Sauvester 27 Fae Signets, Vol. 2 Restorative Restore the HP of all party members.

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